Oct 18, 2021
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NATO military mission in Moscow ceases

Meanwhile, the Alliance envoy probes the waters in the Caucasus

From November 1, the Russian side suspends the work of its permanent mission to NATO, the Russian Foreign Minister said on October 18 Sergey Lavrovanswering the agency’s question TASS

“As a result of purposeful steps on the part of NATO, we have no proper conditions for elementary diplomatic activity, and in response to NATO’s actions, we suspend the work of our permanent mission to NATO, including the work of the chief military representative, probably from November 1 or maybe this will take a few more days ”,

– said the head of the foreign policy department. Earlier, by the decision of the leadership of the alliance, the accreditation of eight employees of the Russian permanent mission to NATO deported from Brussels was revoked. Accordingly, the activities of the so-called Information Bureau of the alliance in Moscow are terminated.

Earlier, the press secretary of the Russian president warned about the inevitability of retaliatory measures in response to hostile actions of NATO. Dmitry Peskov… For further contacts along the Russia-NATO line, one should now turn to the Russian ambassador in Brussels, Sergey Lavrov explained. Obviously, Moscow is no longer going to pretend that any positive changes are possible in relations with the “Euro-Atlantic partners” in the near future.

As noted in a recent interview BBC Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov, Moscow sees no desire of the alliance to refrain from deploying intermediate and shorter-range missiles in Europe.

However, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg continues to talk about the so-called “Russian threat”, considering it in conjunction with the equally mythical (just look at the map) Chinese:

“First of all, China and Russia are closely cooperating with each other. Secondly, when we increase spending on technology … we mean both of these countries. ”

– told the functionary, spinning information hysteria. Mr. Stoltenberg did not ignore the decision to expel Russian representatives to NATO, who, according to him, were “Undercover Russian intelligence officers”Of course, there are “Russian spies” under every bush …

During the next summit of the alliance, scheduled for 2022 in Spain, it is planned to update the Strategic Concept of NATO until 2030, taking into account “new threats” (from China, Russia, terrorist groups, hackers, etc.).

Preparations for this event begin this week, when defense ministers from 29 NATO member states will gather in Brussels. Head of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin will arrive there after a tour of Georgia, Ukraine and Romania, where they discussed “Destabilizing actions of Russia in the critical Black Sea region”

Meanwhile, the NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative for the Caucasus and Central Asia is touring the capitals of the South Caucasus (Baku, Tbilisi, Yerevan) Javier Kolomina… During a meeting with the Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan Zakir Hasanov he spoke about his readiness to provide support in “Ensuring peace in the region”… In turn, Hasanov expressed satisfaction with the current level of cooperation with the alliance, the positive results achieved and stressed the importance of further development of interaction. War games with the participation of advanced NATO groups at the Russian borders, in particular, in the Baltic States, do not stop either.

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