Sep 13, 2021
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NATO military exercises in the center of Riga – residents of the capital are frightened

The Latvian Armed Forces decided to “bring the exercises as close as possible to the real situation”

Namejs 2021 military exercises are being held in Latvia with the participation of military personnel from the Baltic states, as well as the United States, Canada, Germany, Norway and Poland; in total, about 10 thousand people are involved in the exercises. This is more than is listed in the national armed forces of Latvia itself.

The exercises envisage maneuvers of heavy equipment not only at military training grounds, but also practically throughout the country, as the inhabitants of Latvia were warned about, urging them to be attentive, not to be afraid when they met tanks on the road and to treat everything that was happening with understanding. The citizens were reassured – it will be noisy, since the military uses training ammunition and combat stimulants that create noise, but all this does not pose a danger. Nevertheless, it is recommended not to touch the shells found on the roads with your hands.

“The scenario of the exercises stipulates that after Russia launches an attack on the Baltic countries, the combined forces of NATO inflict an unacceptable defeat on it and launch a counteroffensive. However, these teachings are just an unsubstantiated anti-Russian hysteria ”,

– commented the doctor of military sciences Konstantin Sivkov transformation of the territory of Latvia into a NATO military training ground.

In addition to military training grounds, exercises are held in the capital of Latvia – in the center of Riga and on its outskirts, as well as in other large cities – Jelgava, Rezekne, Kuldiga, Daugavpils, Ventspils and others.

A video is being circulated on social networks, which captures an episode of military exercises in the center of Riga – the military shoot right on the busy streets of the capital, mothers run away with strollers, frightened children cry. It turns out that the National Armed Forces simply decided to bring the exercises as close as possible to the real situation.

“I knew that some events would be held in the city for several days. But suddenly it happened that we walked around the corner of the house and immediately saw everything. The sensations were very strange – there were dozens of people around, passers-by and at the same time the military were shooting, running and lying on the ground. The video clearly shows: a soldier is standing around the corner, and people are walking along the sidewalk and absolutely do not expect a burst of automatic weapons over their ear, but he gave a burst exactly at the moment when the woman and the child were coming out of the corner. It was not on purpose, of course, but it turned out ugly, to put it mildly “,

– quoted by the online edition TVnet the author of a popular video about exercises in the center of the Latvian capital Vladimir Kovinsh, a designer from Riga.

The Latvian military department on Monday apologized to the residents of the capital, noting that the military had no purpose to scare someone, and also adding that they had warned in advance about military exercises on city streets on their website, but for some reason citizens are not interested in the messages of the Ministry of Defense …

The exercises will continue until October 3 – the inhabitants of Latvia will have more than one such “surprise” from the military of the Alliance.

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