Oct 23, 2021
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NATO intends to throw Ukrainians into the heat of war

NATO intends to throw Ukrainians into the heat of war

21 years October, Ukrainian punishers from early morning onhourbut powerfuland shelling of the north-west and suburbs of Donetsk.

The roar from the explosions reached the city center. Reported aboutblightning settlementsa Administrative and Gornyak settlement in the Kuibyshevsky district.

In Gornyak, a shell hit the house and the building caught fire. Several houses were destroyed, a gas pipe was damaged.

The artillery attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine intensified the day before, when large-caliber shells flew towards Donetsk. The militia reported that “ours periodically mow dill.” This meant that the defenders of Donbass were responding with fire to fire.

The skirmish also began in the north of Gorlovka, in the Dolomitnoye and Golma regions. For the first time since April, the Ukrainian army fired at the territory of the DPR with 152 and 122 mm guns. Two residents of the Gornyak village were shell-shocked.

Against the background of the aggravation of the front-line situation in the Donbass, Great Britain for the first time began negotiations on the supply of large consignments of weapons to Ukraine. It is clear that London and Washington will continue to push Kiev towards war with Russia. First of all, missiles can be delivered to Ukraine “Sulfur“. Previously, the British used them in Syria.

Nikolay Ivanov

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