Sep 14, 2022
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NATO in Ukraine: Execution of “prisoned instructors” will be loud

NATO in Ukraine: Execution of "prisoned instructors" will be loud

Photo: AP/TASS

Several officer groups, consisting of NATO instructors, are leading the battle near Liman, says military commander Semyon Pegov.

His sources in the Krasnolimansky district of the Donetsk People’s Republic said that radio interception data and the words of the prisoners indicate that Poles and British were stationed directly near Slavyansk (the region of Ivanovka and Nikolaevka). The former direct the work of the combat crew of the M-777 self-propelled artillery mount, and the latter are responsible for the use of high-precision multiple launch rocket systems.

“Now 2 fully equipped BTGRs (battalion tactical groups) are advancing on Krasny Liman, including 2 companies of tanks. And also up to 1000 Teroboronists,” Pegov said.

The assault on Krasny Liman by Ukrainian armed forces continued all night on Monday, but the fighters of the Bars-16 unit, better known as the Kuban detachment, managed to defend the city.

Formerly a journalist Andrey Medvedev said that in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine participating in the hostilities in the Kharkiv direction, there are many foreign mercenaries from PMCs Academi and Xe Services LLC. Among them are professional soldiers who worked in many hot spots. There are Americans, as well as people from Eastern Europe, the former republics of the Soviet Union. According to Medvedev, Ukrainian units are led by experienced US military, most likely they are the main consultants who can give orders to the regular units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“I repeat once again – take off your rose-colored glasses. Not only Nazi Ukraine is fighting against us. We are again at war with the collective West – the NATO military and a large number of foreign mercenaries are participating in the offensive on the Kharkov front, ”the journalist wrote in his Telegram channel.

According to Medvedev, the fact that such a huge number of foreign mercenaries are present in the Kharkiv direction indicates how important this direction is for Kyiv. Zelensky put everything at stake, and will not reckon with losses. An American PMC is unlikely to participate in a conflict without the consent of the Pentagon and the White House.

Is Kyiv running out of “cannon fodder”? But what about the statements about more than seven hundred thousand people put under arms and the intention to bring the size of the army to a million? Or does the United States simply not trust the Ukrainian generals, and decided to take control of the situation?

“That’s nothing new for me personally, since from the very beginning of the special operation I have been arguing and arguing that it is the Ukrainian-NATO-neo-Nazis who are fighting against the Russian coalition forces,” he says. military political scientist, Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Alexander Perendzhiev.

– And the Armed Forces of Ukraine are just the vanguard of the alliance. By the way, in Kyiv they always talked about this directly, although more in the ideological and PR sense.

“SP”: – NATO members do not trust Ukrainian generals?

– Not only. First of all, because since 2014, from the very beginning of the aggression of the Armed Forces of Ukraine against Donbass, PMCs and military personnel of NATO countries have already fought in their composition. And all the previous special operations for 8 years of the Armed Forces of Ukraine conducted military operations against the then unrecognized republics precisely under the leadership of American and other NATO generals. And it was on their orders that the truce and, in general, the Minsk agreements broke down.

“SP”: — How deep, in your opinion, is the penetration of the Western military into the planning and implementation of military operations in Ukraine?

– I emphasize: we are talking about the leadership of the North Atlantic Alliance in all military operations of the Ukrainian-NATO-neo-Nazis against the Russian coalition forces.

“SP”: – Recently, more and more data has also appeared about the growth in the number of foreign mercenaries, in particular, they were the striking force of the breakthrough in the Kharkov direction. What, is Kyiv really bad with people, or, again, the West decided that mercenaries would be better able to cope with the implementation of practical tasks on the ground?

– In part, this is really due to the large losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a result of the death, injury and capture of Ukrainian servicemen, as well as their moral and psychological decline. At the same time, NATO leaders practically heeded the pleas and requests of the Zelensky team to put NATO military personnel and employees of Western private military companies against the Russian Armed Forces and the Lao PDR militia.

“SP”: – It turns out that NATO is openly fighting against us?

– Exactly. And there are many among the captured high-ranking officers of the North Atlantic Alliance. Russia has not yet responded to this issue. The time has not yet come to present their prisoners to the West. But this, of course, will be an information and political explosion in the world public consciousness.

By the way, I do not rule out that the first Western, and most likely British prisoners, appeared in our country since the liberation of Aleppo. Do you remember what a frenzied campaign London put on us after that under the guise of the so-called “Skripal case”?

“In fact, official representatives of the Donbass republics for many years, even before the special operation, spoke about the instructors of the alliance,” recalls political scientist, chairman of the CRPO “Center for Political Education”: Ivan Mezyuho.
— NATO conducts hostilities with the hands of Ukrainians. Naturally, they do not have much confidence in the Ukrainians. I don’t know how true this is, but for a long time there has been information that the same HIMARS installations are controlled by the Americans.
“SP”: – Recently, more and more data has also appeared about the growth in the number of foreign mercenaries, in particular, allegedly, it was they who were the striking force of the breakthrough in the Kharkov direction …
– Manpower in the form of mercenaries is vital for the Zelensky regime. He himself does not fully trust the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Looting, hazing, surrender – it’s all about Zelensky’s army.
“SP”: – From what countries, basically, these instructors and mercenaries?
– At the very beginning of the special operation, there was information about the “soldiers of fortune” of both Europe and Asia. Zelensky in the first days of hostilities called on people from all over the world to come to Ukraine and take up arms.
“SP”: – What will happen when Kyiv runs out of “cannon fodder”? Will only foreigners fight?
– When the “cannon fodder” runs out, then they will begin to call on women and in general everyone in a row. As for the mercenaries, they will not fight to the last drop of blood. For them, Ukraine is just a place to make money.

“The fact that there are a large number of foreign mercenaries, as well as NATO instructors on the Ukrainian side, is beyond doubt,” he says. editorOPN NorthWest» Andrew Dmitriev.

– On a specialized website where the identities of these people are revealed, there is data on mercenaries from 37 countries. The geography is very wide – from Latvia and Belarus to Argentina, Colombia, South Korea and Japan.

The most numerous group, as far as one can judge, is represented by the Poles. Even during the fighting in the so-called “Sherwood Forest” near Izyum in early summer, a fighter who participated there told me that it was Polish mercenaries who opposed them – ideologically motivated by hatred of Muscovites, well-armed and trained.

In general, I will not open America, noting that the further we go, the more we are at war not with Ukraine, but with the “world community”. The enemy is armed with Western weapons, funded by Western money, trained by NATO instructors and even has NATO rations. Moreover, as recent events with the abandonment of our Balakleya, Kupyansk and Izyum show, they are able to achieve serious success. And it is clear that every news about the settlements surrendered by the Russians causes a surge of enthusiasm among this public, which means that new soldiers of fortune will be drawn to Ukraine.

There can be only one answer here: we must begin to fight like an adult. Mercenaries, on the other hand, should be demonstratively judged with the harshest possible sentences.

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