Aug 10, 2022
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NATO helicopters stage provocations against Russian trains

NATO helicopters stage provocations against Russian trains

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In Europe, NATO helicopters began to organize provocations against Russian trains. The information portal writes about this, referring to The Wall Street Journal, which published reports from eyewitnesses.

So, they say that for almost a week, almost every train, which consists of ordinary cars or gondola cars, has been subjected to dangerous provocations from the air. Citizens of Lithuania and Poland say that NATO helicopters not only escort such trains, but also fly at low altitude, following them.

The task of the helicopters is to monitor whether trains make stops in Lithuanian territory, and also helicopters make sure that nothing is unloaded or loaded from them while they are in Lithuanian territory. Lithuania agreed not to block transit to the Kaliningrad region, but the situation remained tense.

Based on the information provided by the Lithuanian Ministry of Internal Affairs, there are now 4 times more patrols than in 2020.

Russian experts note that such actions on the part of NATO are of an aggressive nature, and confirm that Lithuania is ready at any moment to block transit from Russia to the Kaliningrad region.

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