May 30, 2022
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NATO has suspended arms supplies to Ukraine: The reason is the defeat in the Donbass

NATO suspended arms supplies to Ukraine: The reason is the defeat in the Donbass

Photo: Stepan Petrenko/TASS

Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andrey Melnik eloquently commented on the “help” from Germany to Ukraine on his Twitter with a curious collage: a snail that drags one cartridge towards the “nenko”. However, it is not only about Germany. Through its insiders, the president’s office informs the residents of the community that NATO expects a not very good outcome for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the battle for Donbass. That is why “the West has suspended the massive deliveries of heavy weapons that it has already promised.”

As the Zhovto-Blakyt truth-bearers Facebook chat*, “There is little artillery and air defense at the front, which makes it impossible to keep the situation without urgent help from the United States and Great Britain. The situation is so critical that the front may collapse in the coming days, about which Zelensky warned our Western partners.”

The head of the “nenko” behaves like the navel of the Earth, such as “opens the eyes of the US and the EU to the terrible truth.” In fact, analysts and politicians in Washington and Brussels have long been aware of developments in Ukraine. It’s not just that the Yankees were pulled out of the historical “naphthalene” Kissingerwho called on Kyiv to make concessions and give up part of the Ukrainian territories in order to preserve “independence” in general.

Zelensky, “a kind of damn smart Ukrainian guy in his prime,” on the air of yellow-Blakit zombies gave a “perfect answer” to the 98-year-old guru of American politics – “old man, mind your own business” and “we don’t trade sovereignty.”

“Only if we discard emotions and jingoistic patriotism, and analyze what the experts said at the economic forum in Davos, can we immediately see the hard programming of Kissinger’s proposal,” write independent military bloggers of “Square”.

“The problem with the president’s office is that no one has studied international relations there and they are reflecting on the situation. Political telegram channels raised this issue in March, that the West easily drains its clientele when it suits it: Czechoslovakia in 1938, Poland in 1939, Afghanistan in 2021. We need to maintain pragmatic relations and be ready for such scenarios when Ukraine can exchange for another case. Especially at a time when the energy, food and financial crises are covering the world, and, most importantly, Taiwan must be kept in mind … ”, – cuts the truth, for example, the Ukrainian telegram channel @Skeptik.

In turn, jingoistic talking heads explain the delay in sending NATO weapons “by the fear of the alliance that expensive weapons systems may end up in the hands of the enemies of the Independent”, so you need to wait for the stabilization of the front. Such propaganda stuffing is clearly aimed at minimizing the reputational damage of the start of the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass.

A counter question immediately arises, where are the 90 miracle Yudo M777 howitzers and other star-striped military equipment worth $ 800 million, already sent by American “friends” to Ukraine, and specifically to stabilize the Lisichansk-Severodonetsk arc? Really, she was smashed to pieces?

What is interesting: British agents from MI6 continue to stubbornly supply the office of the president and the Ukrainian General Staff with intelligence, which, as they complain in the “square”, is often of no use. For example, the sources of the OP reported that the British sent a paper to Bankova on May 25 that Russia was transferring freed artillery and assault brigades from near Mariupol to Bakhmut. This means that in the coming days a massive attack on the city will begin, with the aim of encircling the entire Lisichansk-Severodonetsk grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

So what’s the secret? Such forecasts are printed in batches by the American Institute for the Study of War only on the analysis of maps of military operations. In the USA, only the lazy did not write about the transition of the Russian army to the tactics of small boilers, which, by the way, he himself has been talking about for a week Arestovich.

Then he said: “We know everything, we see everything, and we are preparing a powerful military response.” The full-time “storyteller” hung noodles on the ears of the hulks about the weakness of the Russian army, which “is so drained of blood that it cannot afford pincers from Kharkov to Gulyaipole.” So, nothing will work here either. “The Russians no longer have reserves,” Arestovich brazenly lied, “the voice of a free Kyiv.”

More adequate Ukrainian military experts, however, explained the transition of “Russian troops to small encirclements by the concentration of air defense against attack drones.” It turns out that on the march in the course of a strategic offensive, and even on a stretched front, it is difficult to create an effective air defense, and now even the reports of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have lost news about the victory of the vaunted Bayraktars. Taking into account the fact that the conservation of manpower is put as a priority by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the morale of the Russian soldier is also growing, which cannot be said about the defense of independence.

After the situation in Donbass deteriorated sharply for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, even Arestovich panicked. In an interview Mark Feigin he had to admit: “It’s an unpleasant situation. Because we have now lost to the Russian army in terms of pace. The Russian side managed to accumulate reserves before we did. They are doing it very quickly – they used all possible forces and means of a centralized state. And now we are lagging behind, which makes the situation at the front extremely difficult. The return of the Russian army to the north of our country, the increased pressure along the Kherson-Zaporozhye line makes it possible.

Ukrainian observers, commenting on such a confession, note that “Lesha is tired of lying.” He understands that the situation on the eastern front is critical for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ukrainian soldiers are exhausted, and the hulks are waiting for any kind of peace. Even in the Zapadenschina, the Maydanut local people began to specifically break down at each other and hysteria with accusations against the authorities.

“And let’s imagine that the fall of Severodonetsk is superimposed on this, the fall of our group into the environment. What will begin in our society? asked Arestovich a question. It is noteworthy that the full-time storyteller attacked the West with criticism, which he had previously avoided. Not only did he harshly “kick” the Germans for the lack of the promised supply of weapons, but he also set the dogs on the United States, which are in no hurry to transfer the MLRS to Ukraine.

According to Arestovich’s final words, it is precisely the delays in the supply of weapons that allegedly are the main reason why the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffer losses, and the Russian troops have tactical successes at the front, which can develop into operational ones.

Thus, Kyiv is trying to shift its failure to the NATO zrada. But this is unlikely to work out: the Yankees and Britons monitor the balance of power in the Donbass 24/7, which is why they may have slowed down the transfer of heavy weapons. The experience of Afghanistan and Iraq has shown that during a panicked retreat, the probability of losing all this equipment increases sharply. Similar defeatist sentiments are clearly visible on the eastern front of Ukraine.

If the Russian troops show the whole world the captured Stars and Stripes weapons, then the Lend-Lease “Nenka” will have to be forgotten altogether. In short, why would the “Ze-team” need $40 billion, if Kyiv is failing anyway. It’s not just that calculated Germans, as Melnik figuratively noted, sent “a snail with one cartridge” to Ukraine.

*Meta Platforms Inc. — the American transnational holding company that owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus was recognized by a court decision as an extremist organization, its activities in Russia are prohibited. Social networks Facebook and Instagram are blocked by Roskomnadzor.

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