Oct 6, 2021
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NATO decision to reduce Russian mission linked to Ukraine


Moscow will not leave the alliance’s demarche unanswered

The decision of the North Atlantic bloc on a large-scale reduction of the Russian representation in NATO has nothing to do with the alleged espionage by our intelligence, but is more a demonstration step. This point of view was expressed by Evgeny Buzhinsky, a member of the expert advisory council at the PIR Center, former head of the international treaty department of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

“This is a reaction to our constant refusals to hold the Russia-NATO Council. There is no sense in these meetings, because all the previous ones began and ended with a discussion of Ukraine. It is no longer interesting to state our policy on Donbass and all the more so on Crimea there,” he explained the situation Lieutenant-General of the reserve “to the gaze”.

He stressed that the level of relations between Moscow and the alliance has recently dropped to a minimum, there is no appointment to the Council, there is no Russian ambassador there, and only the acting president has accreditation. Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to NATO Yuri Gorlach and Chargé d’Affaires.

The expert does not even understand “what our guys are doing at all” in Brussels. He considers the accusations on the part of NATO members that the employees of our permanent mission were engaged in espionage there as far-fetched. According to Buzhinsky, they do not even have access to the headquarters of the alliance, and it is very difficult to conduct intelligence activities under the strict control of the bloc.

Earlier on Wednesday, October 6, Sky News editor Deborah Haynes reported that NATO is expelling eight members of the Russian mission to the alliance for alleged hostile activities, “including murder and espionage.” In addition, the block has reduced the number of Russian employees to ten people.

Later, the head of the Federation Council commission for the defense of state sovereignty, Andrei Klimov, said that Moscow would not leave the NATO members’ demarche unanswered, RIA Novosti reports.

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