Oct 20, 2021
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NATO conducts secret nuclear military exercises in Europe

During the exercise, one of the scenarios of a nuclear war is being worked out

Annual NATO military exercise kicks off in Europe Unshakable noon (“Persistent Afternoon”), in which 14 member countries of the alliance take part. Dozens of aircraft are involved in the exercise, including fighters equipped with nuclear weapons, as well as conventional combat aircraft, tankers and reconnaissance aircraft.

This annual exercise involves the defense of NATO territory with nuclear weapons.

“The exercises that have begun are ordinary events, repeated from year to year, and have nothing to do with any current world events. Every year, the Steadfast Noon exercise is held in different NATO countries and includes training flights with dual-use fighters as well as conventional aircraft, supported by observation and refueling aircraft. Military weapons are not used during training flights. These exercises help ensure the safety, reliability and effectiveness of NATO’s nuclear deterrent, ”

– said in the message of the press service of the North Atlantic Alliance.

It is known that during the exercise this year one of the scenarios of a nuclear war with the use of American B61 nuclear bombs will be tested, it is these bombs, according to Western media reports, that are stored on the territory of the European Union – at the Ghedi military airbase in northern Italy. However, the location of these “regular, repetitive” military exercises is classified, it is only known that they are being held in the south of the European Union.

According to military experts, during the exercises, the extraction of nuclear bombs from underground storage facilities and their attachment to fighters will be practiced.

NATO is confident – only “Reliable and united nuclear alliance” will help preserve European security, which is currently under threat. And the exercises themselves are one of the elements of nuclear deterrence.

“NATO’s nuclear policy provides that partner countries can use US warheads deployed in Europe in an emergency. According to officially unconfirmed reports, American atomic weapons are stationed in Belgium, Turkey, the Netherlands, as well as in German Büchel in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, ”

– according to the German edition German wave

According to the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg (ISFH)The United States has deployed a nuclear arsenal of 100 bombs at numerous military bases in Europe and Turkey. But next year, all these nuclear bombs are planned to be replaced with new, more powerful and, most importantly, controlled B61-12.

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