Feb 23, 2021
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National signs for March 2021

National signs for March 2021

The initial month of spring is a long-awaited time when nature begins to awaken from hibernation. To find out what the weather will be like, as well as how nationwide signs will help to bring happiness to life in March.

Popular wisdom to this day helps to cope with difficulties, indicates the right decisions and warns against mistakes. Experts recommend meeting the spring of 2021 in a good location, as well as finding out in advance what the weather will be like. National signs will be useful both to those who are engaged in plant breeding and to those who want to protect themselves from troubles.

March 1. It snows in the afternoon – the year will be dense. Sweep the snow from the porch on this day – to prosperity.

2nd of March. On this day, by sign, they are protected from evil spirits. It’s warm in the morning – sultry summer will come.

March, 3rd. There is a lot of snow – a fruitful year. Migratory birds have appeared – spring will come boldly.

March 4th. Kindly on this day they unselfishly create in order to attract happiness for a year.

the 5th of March. To look into the sky is to attract trouble. The seagulls have arrived – soon the ice will melt.

March, 6. Rumbling on this day is a cold spring. The starlings have arrived – the snow will quickly come down.

March 7. To see a swallow on this day is to prosperity. Warm spring will come if the rain passes.

March 8. To fill up on this day is happiness to attract. Labor argues – prosperity comes.

9th of March. Migratory birds arrived – by the warm spring. It is snowing – towards a cold snap.

10th of March. By tradition, on this day, conspiracies are read in order to free themselves from diseases for a year. To look at other people’s windows – to take on the troubles of others.

March 11th. It is impossible to dig and plant on this day, so as not to be left without a crop.

March 12. Snowdrops appeared – you can do plantings.

March 13. It is raining – a pleasant summer will come. The trees are black – the snow will soon melt.

March 14th. To heat snow and wash it – preserve health and prolong beauty.

March 15th. It’s snowing – to be frosty. Mga rises – a fruitful summer is busy.

March 16. On this day, to lend – to attract poverty. To walk into the forest is to anger a devil.

March 17. Birds rush to wet weather. On this day, they put protection from evil spirits so that trouble does not come.

March 18. Seeds to speak – to collect a cash crop.

March 19. The brooks murmur loudly – warm spring is coming. Throw a coin into a stream – attract pennies.

20th of March. Gray weather means warming. An owl cry in the evening – to a cold snap.

21 March. A pussy willow in the house is protection from troubles. Important weather will come if the clouds go for a long time.

March 22. Hearing rumbling on this day is a bad harvest. Shallow / oky birds make noise – to warming.

March 23rd. To catch a fish that day is good luck. Bad weather will come if the crows make noise and circle over the trees.

March 24. Water seedlings with melted snow – to collect a cash crop.

March, 25. To feed the birds – to be full all year. Bury a coin in the garden – in the fall to break the jackpot.

26 March. Vodopol will be if mice run from the fields to the houses.

March 27. Hearing rumbling on this day is a rich harvest. A woodpecker knocks on a dry tree – to warmth.

March 28. Bad weather will come if waterfowl do not rise from the water.

March 29. The day is warm – the spring is hot. The wind blows from the north – blows cold.

March 30. From that day to sit in a sleigh – to trouble. There is a lot of water – the harvest is good.

March 31. Frost will come if mother-and-stepmother blooms.

National signs help to live in harmony with nature, to notice the nonsense details that point the way to happiness and teach wisdom that has run over to us from time immemorial.

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