Dec 30, 2020
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National signs for January 2021

National signs for January 2021

The initial month of the new year is a responsible time when a long rest can lead to problems. National signs will help to start 2021 safely.

It will be possible to attract good luck for the whole of 2021 and not be left behind if you heed the advice of wise grandfathers. The experts of the site recommend getting acquainted with folk wisdom so that every day becomes cloudless, and failures disappear forever. Thanks to the signs, you can find out about what the summer will be like, whether spring will come early, whether to expect severe frosts in the second half of winter.

January 1st: the abundance of stars in the sky promises a great harvest. A warm day without wind means warming.

January 2: cloudy weather – for a thaw. Frosts will come if sparrows insulate their nests.

January 3: what this day is, so will September. On this day, eat the initial pancake and make a wish – for its early fulfillment.

4 January: fish does not bite – by dry summer. To eat lean porridge belly – to give birth to air. Protection from the evil eye on babies is done so that strangers do not cause harm.

5 January: on this day, happiness is attracted to the house, cookies in the form of animal figures are baked.

January 6: the sign says that leaving the house empty on this day is a disaster. All together do not go beyond the threshold, so as not to cause trouble.

Jan. 7: the thaw has begun – spring will come untimely. To work on this day is to trouble. Snow will be innumerable – the honey harvest will be rich.

January 8: the sun shines brightly – the year will be fruitful. Gray on this day – for a thunderous summer.

January 9: foggy morning – to the imminent thaw. Leaving the house without amulets is to pick up damage.

January 10: as the omen says, a wedding on this day is a sign of a strong and happy family life. Whoever expresses on January 10 will attract the year of disaster.

January 11: on this day, children were healed from ailments and the evil eye was removed by washing with holy water.

January 12: Leave the past behind – start a happy life. The hunter with the prey will return – the year will be rich.

13th of January: to welcome guests is to attract happiness. Whoever drives a guest from the doorway brings trouble to himself.

January 14: do not say bad words, so that the pennies do not leave the house, troubles do not come on the doorstep.

January 15: on this day, they are not going to travel, so that trouble does not happen on the road.

January 16: to appease the brownie – get help. On this day, the weather in March is determined.

January 17: on this day they feast on honey, and with its help prosperity is attracted to the house.

January 18: to wash with snow – to strengthen health. Those who want to attract wealth should throw three shiny coins into a snowdrift near their house. The omen says that then pennies will come into the house.

January 19: Epiphany day is harsh – whoever bears resentment will come home with a cart of problems.

January 20th: frost and sun on this day promise a sultry summer. The water of the holy house is sprinkled in order to drive away failures.

January 21: on that day to give a present to a loved one – to build safely the whole year. A blizzard outside the window – they are not going on the road.

January 22: day of idleness toil – a year of lack of money to suffer.

January 23: the wind blew out from the south – the stormy summer will pass. Rimes are countless on the trees – the harvest will be meager on them.

January 24: warm day – early spring. It snows in the morning – frost will be in the evening. According to popular belief, on this day they do not go beyond the threshold without deval, so as not to meet with evil spirits.

The 25th of January: To bake a loaf for the whole family and eat up to the last piece – the house will be an absolute bowl. To feed the birds with crumbs – you can’t go without money.

January 26: whoever stays on the street for a long time will bring sickness into the house. The cat washes at the window – he washes up the good guests, and if he sits at the threshold, protects from evil people.

January 27: trees stand in frost – to be warm. The crows made noise – to a fast snowstorm.

28 January: On this day, nothing is lifted from the ground, so as not to incur damage.

January 29: Nordic wind brings cold, sultry and stormy summer will pass. Countless grain remains – the year will be fruitful.

January 30: on this day, houses are protected from evil spirits, and brownies are called for help.

January 31: blaze by late summer, clearly – by warm spring.

Every day signs came to the rescue of our grandfathers, and now they help to live happily in the modern world. The wisdom of life protects from any adversity, allows you to live in harmony with nature and attract good luck every day.

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