Jan 30, 2021
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National signs and beliefs about birds

National signs and beliefs about birds

A huge number of folk signs touch the birds. The thing is that since ancient times people have associated them with messengers of problems and happiness, failure and wealth. Many of these signs have survived to this day.

Try to pay attention to all good omens. This is how you can maintain vitality and abstract from negativity. Think about something positive and connect with optimistic people. So much your life will be transformed beyond recognition, and only for the better.

If killer whales start to return prematurely from the south, this is a quick warming and a good summer harvest.

If the crows walk frantically and scream loudly, this is to rain, very bad weather and strong winds.

Bassist flying killer whales – always to the rain.

When crows hide their heads under their wings, this is to a cold snap.

If a killer whale has built a nest very close to your home or even under its roof, it bodes well for you.

Birds are not always sweet. If you accidentally run into a dove, this is a very important omen. Expect tremendous happiness.

A crow that flies around you and croaks in a hostile manner, depicts an indicator that problems can be expected soon. Try to use amulets for good luck in the next couple of days.

If the bird flew through the window and immediately flew, this is a very important novelty, a great fortune and positive changes in the life of those who live in this house. If the bird does not fly out for a long time, hungry desperately trying to find a way out, this is a problem. In the coming days, try to look more frugally towards strangers.

If a bird pounds at the window, this is also a bad news. Try to think more positively, because read every day we hear something not very nice. Don’t take it close to your heart.

A school of birds that flies straight over a person’s head, signals that soon someone will try to insert the hooks into his wheels. Conflicts at work and at home are possible. Conspiracies from quarrels will help to avoid such problems.

When the woodpecker knocks on the roof of the house, this is not good. In the near future, something may happen that will upset you. Be patient.

If a crow awakens you prematurely in the morning, this is a bad sign. It is likely that in the coming days you will have a very big conflict or disagreement with a stranger. Do not enter into discussions with those you do not know. Do not say things that might piss someone off.

When the rooster sings on the porch, this suggests that soon you can expect uninvited guests. Rather, their visit will be nice.

Keep a parrot or other bird at home – to the monetary fortune. If there are two birds, then they also bring love, harmony, harmony into the house.

If a chicken or rooster asks for a house or a very drop walks, this is bad weather.

Remember that even the most awful omen can be neutralized. For this, experts advise to be careful, be confident and calm. Special breathing techniques will help you with this.

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