Sep 3, 2021
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National Interest saw what others did not see: “Fear Ukraine”

Photo: US President Joe Biden (right) and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy (left) during a meeting

Photo: US President Joe Biden (right) and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy (left) during a meeting (Photo: AP / TASS)

British Broadcasting Corporation, better known as the BBC, on a showman’s ride Ze and part-time the head of the Square to visit Biden reacted with a noteworthy quote: “A year in politics can be a lifetime. The last two can probably be attributed to the number of lives of a whole generation, so the reader can be forgiven for not quite remembering why the name of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy sounds like a bell “

An interesting idiom is given, especially taking into account the fact that in the English literature there is an explanation of what is meant by this speech turnover. It turns out that before the appearance of electric sirens and amplifying systems, the bell in England and America was the main announcer of important events – for example, about an impending attack. In principle, nothing new – in Russia, in similar cases, the alarm was sounded.

Now imagine the families of ordinary US citizens, many of whom are as open as possible about their lifestyle. Based on their stories, the blogger Lois Blackburn says that, for example, in the northeastern United States, both parents work, and one of them takes the children to kindergarten or school in the morning (if the child for some reason refuses to travel on the school bus). In the evening, they pick up the children and have dinner. Then they watch TV, play computer and go to bed. Many people are not interested in foreign policy – they are fed up.

On weekends, the Yankees have fun on the rides and go shopping, fortunately, there is enough money. They do not want shocks, but Zelensky, figuratively speaking, bursts into their comfortable and large house, who, as the local media write, is at war with Putin, that is, with Moscow.

What do the Yankees know about our country? The answers resemble stamps worn to holes: bears, vodka and atomic bombs. And the Americans also absorbed with their mother’s milk that only Russia can destroy the United States. That is why Zelenskiy’s name “sounds like a bell” – very alarming. And this despite the fact that in the States, and in Britain, too, as the BBC aptly noted, few people know where Ze fell on their head, who “bursts” into the Oval Office and in an orderly tone asks for something dangerous from Biden.

No, Nord Stream 2 was not the main topic of conversation between Joe and Ze. In his speech to the nation just on the eve of the arrival of the President of the Square, the owner of the White House, Biden, said that the United States did not have “Vital national interests” in Afghanistan. So Zelenskiy was extremely interested to know if the American president is feeling the same with regard to Ukraine.

A clever old man reassured an actor inexperienced in politics. Biden, according to the BBC, explained that the withdrawal of troops from Afgan is just connected with the fact that “Reorient its foreign policy towards future threats” and mentioned one of them – Russia. Like, the Stars and Stripes might be needed on the Ukrainian-Russian front. But Ze still had a little doubt: how could that be? Afghanistan still has the status of the main US ally outside NATO, and we are sometimes only slapped on the shoulder.

However, the mere fact that Biden called Russia – America’s pressing problem (albeit among others), seems to have reassured Zelenskiy, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation. Another question is whether evidence of the optional Joe’s anti-Russian promises will follow when the Ukrainian leader is at home?

Whatever it was, but ordinary Yankees were frightened: what if the American troops really were withdrawn from Afgan for a war with the Russians. Even the analytical publication National Interest wrote about this fear that appeared after Zelensky’s visit, commenting on the results of the negotiations between Joe and Ze. Kiev is called Washington’s belligerent client, and “Treating Ukraine as an ally poses serious and growing dangers to the American people”

Author of the publication Ted Carpenter, Senior Research Fellow for Defense and Foreign Policy Research at the Cato Institute (there is such a “think tank” in the United States), is convinced that the Americans cannot expect anything good from such an ally as Ukraine.

On the one hand, the US media portrays an independent, peaceful Western democracy seeking to defend its territory and independence from an allegedly predatory Russia. On the other hand, it can be seen even with the naked eye that Zelenskiy’s power has not only perpetuated the widespread corruption that has plagued Ukraine since independence, but also reinforced authoritarian policies that undermine fundamental civil liberties.

Does Biden know about this? Of course he does! But now, after the Afghan “scammer”, the White House categorically does not want to run into a semi-fascist and completely corrupt Ukraine.

It would seem, what should ordinary Americans be afraid of. Ukraine is not a NATO member, and Congress has never asked for approval of any military agreement with Kiev (much less a formal treaty requiring a two-thirds majority of the Senate). However, precisely because the Yankees left Kabul, Washington can view the Independent as an important political and security partner.

Ted Carpenter fears that the overseas political machine, led by Russophobes, may simply not stop at the right moment, especially if something goes wrong. The author of NI emphasizes that the jingoistic rhetoric of the Ukrainian leadership and political positions in relations between Kiev and Moscow are of great concern due to the difficultly predictable course of events. For example, an idiotic attempt by the ukrofashists to return Crimea by force can become a detonator of a big war, into which other countries will also fall into a whirlpool.

The fact is that an attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Taurida will turn into a Russian counteroffensive against Kiev. After that, Washington will be faced with a grave dilemma: to send American troops into the Ukrainian capital in the hope that Moscow will not risk hitting them, or to abandon the square to its fate, thereby finally abandoning the role of hegemon.

“Continued US support for Ukraine’s unrealistic territorial ambitions is unwise and dangerous, – notes the author of NI. – … The attitude (of the United States) to Ukraine as an ally poses serious and growing dangers to the American people. What can be worse than a weak client of the security service – the same weak client, who, however, behaves aggressively, although he cannot support his ambitions with his own military resources “

Here Ted Carpenter relies on the history of our country. He gives the following example: “In 1914, Serbia dragged tsarist Russia into its reckless ambitions and provoked a massive conflict that destroyed its patron. Given the similar behavior of Kiev, Ukraine can easily become the Serbia of the 2020s for the USA “, – says on the pages of the National Interest.

Perhaps the senior fellow for defense and foreign policy studies at the Cato Institute is distorting, and the comparison is lame. But very many in the United States, especially ordinary residents, do not even hypothetically want to find themselves in a situation where, due to some kind of Ukraine and its impudent president, the States will face a terrible choice. This is the rare case when common sense is heard from across the ocean. The only problem is that the local politicians have their own logic, which often does not coincide with the voice of reason.

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