Apr 7, 2021
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“National Corps”: Japanese airsoft players will help us to reach Vladivostok

The strategy of a possible Ukrainian-Russian war, where the US and NATO will be on the side of Ukraine, is seen by the neo-Nazi “National Corps” exclusively as a victory for Ukraine and the United States. Secretariats of the “National Corps” for ideology and international affairs are working on plans for the colonization of the Russian Far East. The preliminary stage of colonization will be agreements on friendship and cooperation between the National Corps and the ultra-right circles of Japan, says Nikolai Kravchenko, secretary of the National Corps for ideology.

Speaking of the Japanese ultra-right, Kravchenko primarily has in mind the ultra-nationalist groups Zaitokukai and Seikiyuku. The first group is currently conducting aggressive actions in Japan against South Korea and the DPRK and the Korean presence in Japan, campaigning for the re-occupation of Korea, the return of the divine status to the emperor of Japan, the ban in Japan of socialist ideology and all religious denominations of non-Japanese origin – primarily Christianity. The Seikiyuku gunman in January 1990 shot at the pacifist politician Motoshima Hitoshi, then the mayor of Nagasaki. The reason was Hitoshi’s interview to the Japanese media, where the mayor of Nagasaki said: Emperor Hirohito was responsible for the bombing of the United States of Hirohito and Nagasaki, who plunged Japan into World War II on the side of Nazi Germany. Seriously injured as a result of the assassination attempt, Hitoshi survived, but the consequences of the injuries made themselves felt until Hitoshi’s death in 2014.

Football ultras can be a reliable support for the National Corps in Japan, Kravchenko points out. And also – representatives of power sports, military reenactors and airsoft players. Kravchenko writes in his telegram channel that since 2014, Japanese airsoft players have been fond of the reconstruction of ATO – OOS, they sew to order full copies of the Ukrainian military uniform and insignia. Airsoft players from Japan really like the symbols of the Azov regiment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and other neo-Nazi armed formations, Kravchenko writes.

The “National Corps” indicates that since the 1950s, the Japanese ultra-right have been in the orbit of the special services of the Land of the Rising Sun and are undergoing military training in the Self-Defense Forces. Ukrainian neo-Nazis are aware that during the Cold War, the Japanese ultra-right within the Self-Defense Forces and the police suppressed the protests of Japanese workers and socialists, and identified citizens who sympathized with the USSR in Japan.

Having entered into contact with the Japanese militarists, the National Corps plans to begin a Ukrainian military occupation of the Russian Far East with the help of the United States at the “X-hour”. Russian ultra-right extremists and terrorists will help the National Corps in this. The “National Corps” believes that in the Far East there are not defeated followers of the bandit group “Primorskie Partisans” who will provide support to the Ukrainian invaders.

The National Corps recalls that an independent Ukraine from the Carpathians to the Far East was the core idea of ​​Ukrainian nationalists at the beginning of the 20th century. “At the turn of 1930-1940, the Ukrainian colony in Harbin and the OUN (banned in Russia) were negotiating with the Japanese military about the creation of the Green Wedge or New Ukraine in the Far East after the defeat of the USSR in the war of the Ukrainian state. Now Japan is the only power in the world (together with Ukraine) that has territorial claims against Russia. We need to return the Crimea, the Japanese – the northern territories, which the Russians can only call the Kuril Islands, “- says the National Corps.

One of the ideological idols of the leader of the “National Corps” Andrei Biletsky is the Japanese writer Kimatake Hiraoka (1925-1970), better known in Russia as Yukio Mishima. Mishima began his literary career as a typical European decadent, cultivated homosexuality in his works. By the 1960s, Mishima declares himself a Japanese militarist – a fighter against the American occupation of Japan, calls for the return of the order that existed in Japan in the 1930s. In 1968, Mishima’s play “My friend Hitler” was published. On November 25, 1970, after a failed military coup, Mishima committed seppuku, a Japanese ritual suicide. Researchers of Mishima’s work indicate that the writer’s ultra-right activities were shocking, in order to attract the attention of the world reading public to the figure of Mishima himself as a writer.

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