Oct 13, 2020
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National characteristics of megaprojects

National characteristics of megaprojects

There is no money in the country. Various top bosses sob from the stands about this, sincerely believing that they will get away with this sin.

Independent experts say that chickens do not bite rubles in the country. But there is more reliable evidence of government trunks stuffed to the eyeballs.

Russian Railways is preparing the third stage of the Eastern landfill, calculated until 2030. This is how the department calls the railway infrastructure of Transbaikalia and the Far East, BAM and Transsib, which supposedly should expand to ensure the growth of traffic.

Sounds patriotic, bringing back memories of the Soviet past. Then BAM was the main construction site, it was pulled by the Komsomol detachments. It was opened in 1984, but it was "completed" for another twenty years. Neither the state security nor the Prosecutor General's Office knows what funds were thrown in. Someone swears that 18 billion rubles (Soviet!). Others claim that it is four times more.

Along the BAM highway, they wanted to create nine territorial-industrial complexes capable of producing gigantic volumes of products. However, only the South Yakutsk coal mine was erected - in the new city of Neryungri. In Japan, they craved for the coal there! Other attempts to develop deposits around the highway have failed. Even the Soviet regime did not have enough strength. The current one does not even try to dream of such projects. They are needed today for another.

According to the professor of the Pacific State University Leonid Blyakher, the purpose of the BAM was to connect areas rich in natural resources with areas rich in population, giving impetus to the development of the northern territories. New economic areas along the route were supposed to connect Komsomolsk-on-Amur with the Trans-Siberian Railway, the ports of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and the whole country. The creation of just such areas in the northern part of the region was supposed to provide freight traffic in the western and southern directions. But it didn't work out. And there is nothing to carry on the publicized highway. Today, as experts note, not only on the BAM - even on the Transsib, the problem of the return movement of cars remains. For the most part they go empty to Irkutsk.

In the conditions of a protracted crisis, one can forget about economic projects around the BAM. At least for a while. All objects of the third stage - the construction of bridges across the Amur and Yenisei, the construction of the second Kuznetsovsky tunnel to the ports of Vanino and Sovgavan, the construction of 1,184 km of additional second and 674 km of the third main routes and bypassing Khabarovsk, and there the tunnel to Sakhalin - drag trillions and look frank utopia. Although the authors of the venture, it turns out, admit that there is such free money in the country! You just need a convenient excuse to take them out of your stash.

It looks like another economic mega-project is being prepared, very costly, on which it will be possible to make good money. As it was with the investment of billions in the abandoned Russian island. Unfortunately, none of these projects brought economic profit to the country. Only losses.

Alexey Vorobyov.


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