Apr 19, 2021
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Natasha Koroleva’s son won the pole dance competition

19:23, 04/19/2021

Arkhip performed in Moscow with his beloved.

19-year-old Arkhip Glushko shared a video on his microblog on Instagram in which he performs a dance number with his beloved. The couple is engaged in pole dance together. They won the competition.

Arkhip signed his post: “On April 17, besides the concert in Vegas Crocus City, Melissa and I had our first half-dance competition early in the morning. I really liked it, and I was able to enjoy it to the fullest! We were the only boy-girl pair in all the competitions, which made us unique. “

Arkhip Glushko showed a dance number with which he took first place

The chosen one of Arkhip Glushko admitted in one of the television programs that she professionally dances on the pole and never did it for free. Melissa said that her monthly income is about 800 thousand rubles. It is worth noting that the girl’s profession does not bother Arkhip’s parents.

This winter, the son of Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan released a new version of the song “Dolphin and the Mermaid”. Arkhip decided not to dwell on the fresh sound, but added a chorus in Japanese. A couple of months after the premiere, he and his beloved danced on a pole to a popular song. The artist’s son shared the video on his social networks. Grandmother, Lyudmila Poryvai, supported her beloved grandson in his work.

Melissa and Arkhip Glushko

Recall that the relationship between Arkhip and Melissa is developing quickly enough. For the first time, lovers were noticed at the graduation ceremony in Gorky Park in the summer of 2020. The artist’s son has already introduced his chosen one to his mother. In February of this year, Arkhip invited Natasha Koroleva and Melissa to a Georgian restaurant in the capital.

On Valentine’s Day, Arkhip Glushko arranged a romantic date for his passion in one of the skyscrapers of Moscow City. Everything was like in a movie: balloons in the form of red hearts, a view of the evening city, candles, sweets and fruits, and a bouquet of red roses. During dinner, Arkhip took out a small box containing a ring. He made a marriage proposal to his beloved. Melissa agreed and now wears a ring on the ring finger of her right hand.

Earlier, Arkhip Glushko met with Maria Slugina, a former participant in the reality show “Dom-2”. They met in the spring of 2019. After six months of the relationship, they broke up. At that time, joint photos with his ex-girlfriend disappeared on Arkhip’s social networks. The couple did not comment on the breakup in any way. Maria’s friends said that Slugina and Glushko began to appear less together at events. According to relatives of the former participant in the TV show, the young couple broke up due to the age difference and different views on life.

Natasha Koroleva, Arkhip Glushko and Maria Slugina

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