Dec 29, 2020
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Natasha Koroleva’s son took up tutoring

Natasha Koroleva's son took up tutoring

The son of the singer Natasha Koroleva does not want to sit on his parents’ neck.

The son of the artist and bodybuilder Tarzan, 18-year-old Arkhip Glushko, apparently does not intend to sit around his parents’ neck in this life. The young man is ready to become a Japanese language tutor. On Instagram, he announced that he is recruiting people for classes.

Online Japanese lessons with effective teaching methods: from 0 to 5-3 levels. Student at the HSE School of Oriental Studies. Certified by Nihongo Noreku Shiken. Individual approach to class planning. Work experience – 1 year“, Wrote Arkhip Glushko.

Natasha Koroleva with her son -
Natasha Koroleva with her son –

Keep it up, Arkhip “,” Very good “,” Correct approach. Parents have nothing to sit around their necks “,” Handsome, well done and a workaholic “,” I’ll be the first in line, but in English“, – noted in the comments by users.

Recall that Arkhip Glushko has long been fond of Japanese culture and the language of this country. Also, the son of Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan sings well. On stage he performs under the creative pseudonym Grek.

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