Aug 15, 2022
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Natasha Koroleva’s mother provoked national wrath


Fans of the singer Natasha Koroleva cannot understand how her mother can behave like this.

Natasha Koroleva’s mother, who has lived in Miami for many years, attended a concert by Ukrainian singer Iryna Bilyk. Lyudmila Poryvai went up on stage to congratulate the artist, but instead she listened to insults from her against Sergei Glushko.

Since February of this year, a wall has grown between Ukrainian and Russian stars. Ukrainian artists are aggressive towards Russians, Irina Bilyk is no exception. “My charming, your son-in-law turned out to be shit?” – the 52-year-old performer asked Lyudmila Poryvai when she went up on stage in the midst of her creative evening.

The thing is that Tarzan actively supports the position of Russia, and even the Ukrainian origin of his wife does not interfere with this. Netizens were unpleasantly surprised by the behavior of Rip, who did not defend her son-in-law.

Lyudmila Poryvay - photo from the archive -
Lyudmila Poryvay – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Who would you be without your daughter’s husband? “She just listened to the criticism of Glushko and smiled?”; “That is, if Tarzan does not agree with the opinion of Bilyk, he is not a man ?!”; “Mom Queen disappointed …”; “Mom Luda, goodbye! Nothing to do in Russia!“- consider the subscribers.

While Sergei Glushko does not comment on the situation, only one thing is clear – he is happy with Natasha Koroleva, despite various rumors. The couple have been together for over 20 years and are raising their only son, Arkhip. And not so long ago there was information that the Queen has … a daughter.

As it turned out, the singer gave her egg to a friend. As a result, the surrogate mother bore him a child. “When he told me about the appearance of his daughter, he was overjoyed. I wanted to give a Graff ring, but I refused. As a result, he persuaded me to bitcoins”, Natalia confessed.

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