Jun 16, 2022
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Natasha Koroleva was captured without makeup in a rejuvenating bath


49-year-old singer Natasha Koroleva improves her health in Zheleznovodsk.

At the beginning of summer, many stars go on vacation abroad. And although in the light of well-known events, many countries are now closed to Russians, celebrities are not upset. Who chooses for themselves the Maldives, which are always open to everyone, someone chooses Turkey.

Natasha Koroleva herself always loved to relax in style on the seashore or by the ocean. However, this time the singer left for … Zheleznovodsk, located in the Stavropol Territory. Moreover, the artist went there rather not with the aim of relaxing, but to improve her health.

Tarzan’s wife did not even hide the fact that now she would go to medical procedures for days on end. On her personal blog, Natasha spoke in detail about her schedule: taking therapeutic baths, mud procedures, and so on. And even showed how she was wrapped up and sent to a special bath.

Natasha Koroleva in a carbonic bath
Natasha Koroleva in a carbonic bath

Well, here I am rejuvenating in a carbonic bath. Oh, I’ll be young!“- the singer said enthusiastically.

The queen was not afraid to pose in front of the camera close-up, without a gram of makeup. Fans noted that she has very smooth, radiant skin, no wrinkles and she looks much younger than her age. True, Natasha herself recently admitted that every year she wants to celebrate her birthday less and less.

When older friends used to say this, I did not believe them, did not take them seriously. And now I feel it myself, and I want the next birthday to just pass quickly. In fact, age, the numbers in the passport are relative matters. The main thing is how you feel. I feel like I’m somewhere between 25-30 years old. It remains only to look at that age!“- said the singer in an interview with” 7Days “.

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