Dec 30, 2020
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Natasha Koroleva told what helped her save her marriage with Tarzan

Singer Natasha Koroleva told how she managed to save her family after the scandal with the betrayal of her husband – bodybuilder Sergei Tarzan Glushko.

The singer dedicated a post on Instagram to her relationship with her husband. She admitted that the outgoing year was very difficult for their couple. The Queen advised the lovers to take care of each other and never betray loved ones, because it is very painful to worry. In addition, she urged to believe in the power of love, patience, hope and wisdom.

“Only this and work on yourself can save you and your family from destructive steps, as we saved ours, despite any attempts to destroy our union,” the singer wrote.

According to the Queen, those who tried to destroy her marriage with Tarzan will have their own karma. Easy money and minute popularity are not worth it, the performer summed up.

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