Oct 12, 2020
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Natasha Koroleva told how her son Tarzan reacted to what happened in the family

11:47, 12.10.2020

Arkhip asked his parents to relax.

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Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan became the new heroes of Ksenia Sobchak's show "Beware, Sobchak!" The journalist published on her YouTube channel the second part of the interview with the artists after the scandal erupted in their family over the stripper's betrayal. For the first time, the stars talked about how their common son Arkhip reacted to everything that happened.

“He didn't ask questions. He was the only one who said, seeing that we have some kind of this happening in the house, not even stress. He sees that something is happening. All in some kind of confusion. He says: "Mom, why are you soaring?" Says: “All nonsense, relax. You have grown old. In general, I remember you ten years ago, you would not have paid attention to it at all. " And this is his kind of ease in this. She lowered the degree of tension in this whole situation. Plus he's a real dude and he says: “Well, listen, you know that the truth is one. And we know this truth with our family. Further - there is no point in telling someone something and proving it ”.

Natasha Koroleva told how her son Tarzan reacted to what happened in the family

Moreover, Arkhip sent his mother an SMS and said that destruction always gives us a new chance. Tarzan, in turn, admitted that after this situation, his son's attitude towards him changed. The stripper believes that Arkhip, in principle, is now a difficult age. But still the son listens to his father, no matter what the situation is now.

Recall that in September, a scandal erupted in the family of Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan. It became known that jewelry worth five million rubles was missing from the Queen's house. Later it turned out that while Natasha was away, two girls came to Tarzan, with one of whom he cheated on the singer.

Immediately after that night, Anastasia Shulzhenko became the heroine of scandalous TV shows and said that she had been dating Sergei Glushko for a long time. The stripper had to publicly admit that he really cheated on his wife. However, he denied that he was in a long-term relationship with his mistress.

Tarzana's mistress Anastasia

Tarzan recorded a video message to the public and stressed that he was "pumped up" with drugs and used for his own benefit. Glushko believes that in this way Anastasia wanted to become famous. It is worth noting that initially Shulzhenko said that she was allegedly pregnant with Tarzan, but the test she made during one of the programs showed a negative result. Natasha Koroleva was able to forgive Tarzan and is convinced that he is telling her the truth. She is sure that Anastasia planned in advance to seduce her husband for her own benefit. Moreover, Natasha emphasized that she did not treat the incident as treason.

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