Jun 1, 2022
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Natasha Koroleva spoke about her son, who began an independent life


Singer Natasha Koroleva spoke about the changes in the life of her 20-year-old son Arkhip.

Today Natasha Koroleva celebrates her birthday: she is 49 years old. “In fact, age, the numbers in the passport is a relative matter. The main thing is how you feel. I feel like I’m somewhere in my 25s or 30s. It remains only to look at that age!“- said the singer in an interview with” 7Days “.

Natasha, indeed, looks very young, while in February the son of the singer and Sergey Glushko turned 20 years old, and Arkhip decided to start an independent life. He is content with very modest conditions.

Arkhip Glushko
Arkhip Glushko

Our son is renting a “odnushka” in Khrushchev without an elevator, on the fifth floor. And this suits him perfectly. And me and my husband too. We all started with something very simple and then gradually moved up the ladder of success. I think it’s right“, – says the singer and TV presenter.

Arkhip himself looked after his own apartment, where he now lives. “It is clear that Sergei and I pay for it. Arkhip, on the other hand, is a student studying Japanese (he became interested in the language and Japanese culture as a teenager) – he is finishing his second year. The department is daytime, so the son is busy at the institute a lot. At the same time, he manages to earn some money: Arkhip gives Japanese lessons, he has several students. However, he still does not have enough own funds to rent housing.“, says the Queen.

Arkhip Glushko
Arkhip Glushko

Independent life changed Arkhip for the better: he calmed down, became more reasonable and consistent. “When you are with mom and dad and everything is served to you on a silver platter, of course, you relax. And when you are responsible for yourself, you begin to take many important things more seriously and responsibly.“, – says the singer.

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