Sep 23, 2022
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Natasha Koroleva showed herself in a natural way


49-year-old singer Natasha Koroleva is not afraid to pose without makeup and styling at home.

Natasha Koroleva, of course, owes her bright appearance to her parents and herself – the singer carefully cares for her figure and face. Many women in full dress and without makeup are practically two different people.

The 49-year-old artist shared a picture on social networks, which shows that at home with her husband, unlike the stage, Natasha calmly walks around without a drop of make-up.

Fans saw wrinkles and circles under the eyes on the face of their favorite singer. “She peeled off her eyelashes, washed off the foundation from her snub nose”, “She doesn’t even look like herself”, “Like the most ordinary housewife”, — subscribers commented on the photo.

Natasha Koroleva
Natasha Koroleva

However, it is not surprising that Natasha Koroleva boldly poses close-up, without a gram of makeup. Subscribers note that she has very smooth, radiant skin, no wrinkles, and she looks much younger than her age. So why not be on camera at home? You definitely won’t give an artist 49 years old.

True, Natasha herself recently admitted that every year she wants to celebrate her birthday less and less.
When older friends used to say this, I did not believe them, did not take them seriously. And now I feel it myself, and I want the next birthday to just pass quickly. In fact, age, the numbers in the passport is a relative matter. The main thing is how you feel. I feel about 25-30 years old. It remains only to look at that age!“- said the singer in an interview with” 7Days “.

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