Oct 12, 2021
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Natasha Koroleva named the main reason for breaking up with Igor Nikolaev


Singer Natasha Koroleva admitted that she did not like her previous marriage.

The artist does not like to return to the past and discuss her divorce with Igor Nikolaev. For the past 20 years, she has been happily married to Sergei Glushko. The artist honestly admits that this experience of family life will turn out to be much more successful than the first one.

The singer says that Glushko never tried to adjust her for himself or limit her freedom. He understood that next to him was a creative person who could not stand rigid frames.

According to Koroleva, Nikolaev by nature was a completely different person. When their relationship began, she was still quite young and inexperienced, which made it possible to “mold” her into a comfortable wife. However, at some point, the singer opened her eyes. The Queen spoke about this in an interview with Elena Ashanina.

Igor Nikolaev
Igor Nikolaev

I have two marriages behind my back, one for ten years, the other for twenty. In the first experience, the partner wanted to adjust me for himself, to change me, and this turned out in my youth. But then the inner core made me understand that I was uncomfortable. This led us to part ways“, – said the Queen.

The Queen calls the feeling of freedom one of her main secrets of youth. Recently, for example, it turned out that she secretly from her husband became the mother of her friend’s illegitimate child. Two years ago, she shared her egg for conceiving a friend’s daughter. The child was carried and given birth by a surrogate mother, but Natasha participates in the girl’s life. The singer’s husband reacted sharply to this news, but then accepted the choice of his beloved.

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