Sep 15, 2022
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Natasha Koroleva got obscenely fat


49-year-old singer Natasha Koroleva shocked with her figure.

This summer, the artist turned to information gypsies in the manner of Elena Blinovskaya and launched her own marathon. The singer chose weight loss and health improvement as the topics of the course, and for several weeks she shared with the public her own secrets of beauty and well-being. However, as it turned out, in fact, the artist does not always follow the advice that she gave to people. Moreover, the Network suspects that the Queen retouched her own photos and videos in order to appear slimmer and show the results of the diet.

However, the deceit of the performer of the hit “Yellow Tulips” was revealed at a recent secular party. The artist in “natural form” was captured by her friend Victoria Shelyagova. She filmed how, during the feast, the noticeably fat singer served herself cakes. Subscribers were surprised at how the performer looks in reality, and did not hold back their emotions.

Fattened Natasha Koroleva
Fattened Natasha Koroleva

Who is this bloated woman, I don’t believe that she’s the Queen!”, — said discouraged followers.

It is worth noting that the Queen is struggling with excess weight with varying degrees of success. For example, last year she boasted that she lost more than six kilograms while filming the reality show The Tribe. And this summer, I spent five days recovering in a clinic in Zheleznovodsk. However, the artist often violates the diet, and is also not a big fan of sports, unlike her husband Sergei Glushko, better known as Tarzan.

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