Sep 20, 2022
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Natasha Koroleva freaked out from criticism


Singer Natasha Koroleva decided to take care of herself after a wave of criticism.

Last week, the media discussed footage from a secular party, in which Natasha Koroleva looks very plump. Haters wrote a lot of angry comments about the appearance of the 49-year-old singer. Immediately after that, she decided to declare war on extra pounds.

The Queen published a photo taken in a famous detox clinic in Kislovodsk. The artist came there in order to undergo a wellness and individual program. According to Natasha, she is already satisfied with the number of different procedures she will undergo during the days that she will be in the clinic. The Queen’s mood and condition will be monitored by a personal assistant who will guide her in the world of proper nutrition and self-care.

Natasha Koroleva - photo from the archive -
Natasha Koroleva – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Ahead of a whole bunch of procedures, yoga, meditation and walks in the fresh air. I hope the rest will be beneficial for my health. And with you, friends, I will share interesting tricks“, – promised the star.

By the way, before that Natasha’s waist did not float, her husband Sergei Glushko closely followed. The stripper made his wife a nutrition and training program. Sometimes violations of the regime or the “ban” eaten by the Queen led to domestic scandals. Probably, in order to quarrel less, the singer is now struggling with being overweight without the help of her beloved.

By the way, Evgeny Petrosyan also took a break in work for the sake of restoration. The comedian spent a week in one of the most popular resorts in Sochi. He was accompanied by his young wife Tatyana Brukhunova. A couple of days after returning, Petrosyan celebrated his 77th birthday. The most valuable birthday present was a postcard, which was given to him by his son Vahan.

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