Sep 11, 2020
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Natasha Koroleva commented on her husband’s betrayal

Natasha Koroleva commented on her husband's betrayal

According to rumors, the mistresses of the singer's husband Natasha Koroleva robbed her.

On the eve of the media reported that Natasha Koroleva was robbed by her husband's mistresses. The artist allegedly discovered the loss of jewelry and cash in the amount of five million rubles after a vacation. Sources say the singer filed a police report. It follows from it that two ladies of easy virtue are suspected of theft, whom Sergey Glushko brought home in the absence of his wife.

Journalists claim that Tarzan first denied it, but under the onslaught of questioning his wife confessed to treason.

Natasha Koroleva with her husband
Natasha Koroleva with her husband

The Queen refused to comment on the news of her husband's dastardly act, but then she nevertheless found the strength to respond to rumors. She, it is worth noting, did not deny what happened. However, the singer also did not begin to confirm the rumors or give a specific assessment of the actions of her husband.
“The power of love can pass any test,” Natasha said about the scandal.

Fans support the singer, who just recently spoke in an interview about her happy marriage. The Queen admitted that she had recently offered Glushko an alternative way to give birth to her second child. The singer is thinking about using the surrogacy service. Several years ago Natasha experienced an unsuccessful IVF procedure, as well as a miscarriage due to a scandal with her intimate shooting that got into the press.

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