Aug 22, 2022
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Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan put on a real show for their wedding anniversary


Singer Natasha Koroleva and stripper Sergey Glushko decided to celebrate the pomegranate wedding on a grand scale.

Natasha Koroleva and Sergei Glushko, better known as Tarzan, despite all the rumors and scandals, celebrated the day before, on August 21, another wedding anniversary. The star couple has been married for 19 years, on this occasion they gathered close friends in their country house and threw a noisy party.

Comedian Vladimir Vinokur and his family appeared at the celebration, as well as lawyer Ida Dostman. She captured the celebration on video, and then shared the footage on the social network. The Queen and Tarzan did not limit themselves to a modest feast in the courtyard of the cottage. The couple put on a real show to the delight of all those gathered.

Natasha Koroleva, Ida Dostman and Sergey Glushko
Natasha Koroleva, Ida Dostman and Sergey Glushko

The guests were greeted by huge inflatable figures of Tarzan and Natasha in wedding outfits, with which they could take memorable photos. Then a festive, but rather modest dinner on the street and, of course, an entertainment program awaited everyone.

Natasha Koroleva portrays Juliet
Natasha Koroleva portrays Juliet

The couple prepared a vocal number in the style of Romeo and Juliet. The artist went out onto the balcony in a long veil and began to sing Elena Vaenga’s song “Re, la”, at some point her husband also joined her. Tarzan had a 20-year-old son, Arkhip Glushko, on backing vocals.

And passions between spouses boil constantly. What is worth at least the recent scandal because of the Queen’s mother, who did not protect her son-in-law from ridicule. Lyudmila Poryvay laughed at insulting jokes about Tarzan at a concert in Miami, which once again confirmed that there was a big quarrel between her and Glushko, after which they even unsubscribed from each other on social networks.

However, the Queen of the showdown between mom and husband did not seem to be impressed, and she sided with her husband. The singer has always supported Sergei in everything. She even forgave him the betrayal that made so much noise last year, saying that Tarzan was a victim of fraud.

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