Sep 5, 2022
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Natalya Shturm told who Alla Pugacheva wants to kill


Singer Natalya Shturm spoke about the loud statement of the Diva.

The artist suggested who Alla Pugacheva had in mind when she promised to “fill her face.” According to the singer, the Primadonna was talking about Gauguin Solntsev, who recently wrote the song “Allusik, you are my baby!”.

Gauguin himself is sure that the artist does not hold a grudge against him.

I’m not afraid that Allah will beat me! Our mutual friends said that she heard my song and she liked it very much. She laughed so hard”, the showman shared with prozvezd.

Alla Pugacheva - photo from the archive -
Alla Pugacheva – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Solntsev said that he would not allow Sturm to “dirty” his name and would sue.

I will demand that she be assigned corrective labor. Let the streets sweep with guest workers”, summed up Gauguin.

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