Sep 14, 2022
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Natalya Rudova told what compliment will push a woman away


39-year-old actress Natalya Rudova shared personal details.

The artist turned to the representatives of the opposite sex. The actress said what a compliment, in her opinion, sounds obscene.

The star of the series “Tatyana’s Day” is always in the center of attention of men. Natalia actively takes care of herself. The artist has been involved in sports for many years, whether she is at home or in a fitness club. Telediva adheres to a healthy diet, chooses fresh healthy foods. All this helps her keep herself in great shape. However, Rudova keeps her personal life from the public.

Natalia speaks openly on the topic of relationships. So, she told me the secret of a good compliment. According to partner Dmitry Nagiyev in the comedy “Swingers”, the main thing is not to be zealous with aspects of the girl’s appearance. Otherwise, the compliment of a man becomes obscene.

“”You are very beautiful“. This will be enough. If you detail something below the head, it always sounds vulgar. And it repels me, for sure. To say about beauty, maximum about the eyes separately, and that’s it, ”Natalia explained. A native of Uzbek Pakhtakor also admitted that she met her first love in Kazakhstan, the city of Aktau.

Natalya Rudova - photo from the archive -
Natalya Rudova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Rudova starred in new projects. She worked in the series “Life on Call” directed by Sarik Andreasyan. Natalia’s partners in the frame were Pavel Priluchny, Victoria Bogatyreva, Alexander Yatsko, Mikhail Bogdasarov and other stars. The actress spoke warmly about the work on the series. Especially about Paul.

The film star clarified that all the material was completely filmed, and showing it to the audience in one series is a normal practice. “The show costs money. As a spectator myself, sometimes I complain, I want everything at once. But I understand that this is not always possible.“, – said Natalia.

Speaking about her childhood, Rudova mentioned that she did not dream of acting success. The girl thought of other possibilities. “As a child, I wanted to be able to fly and travel through worlds. I’ve always thought bigger“, the actress smiled. She showed a summer photo. The actress posed in a bikini. She let her hair down and left her face natural.

The performer of the role in the TV series “Youth. Adult life ”gets rid of excess volume. To do this, she went on a diet. Natalya refused sweet and starchy foods, preferring vegetables and fruits. The TV star’s efforts paid off. Rudova clearly showed him.

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