Oct 18, 2020
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Natalya Rudova criticized haters hiding behind closed accounts

10:09, 18.10.

The actress lamented that now it is impossible to resolve the issues of insults "like a boy."

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37-year-old Natalia Rudova loves to show off her impeccable appearance. The actress has repeatedly boasted of excellent physical shape, pumped up abs and chiseled figure. Often in the microblogging on Instagram, the stars of the TV series appear beach photos in swimsuits that emphasize the beauty of Natalia. However, Rudova is haunted by haters who condemn the actress for being too frank or try to convict of tricks. For example, the actress, after being attacked by spiteful critics, had to prove that she did not use the services of cosmetologists for lip augmentation.

Natalia Rudova often shows a flawless figure in a swimsuit

Yesterday Natalya, I quote, again began to overpower with malicious comments, exploded with an emotional post on her microblog on Instagram. The star sarcastically noted that often the most disgusting comments are left by people showing an allegedly happy life on their pages. But more often, haters hide behind closed accounts. “So much shit in the form of commentators and comments lately ... I sit and think how society is degrading, with the advent of social networks, any unfortunate person can write a bunch of shit to a successful person in order to somehow justify dissatisfaction with his life. People have lost the habit of taking responsibility for their words, cowards hiding behind closed accounts and left-hand pages, and sometimes completely kicked out of their own, but such terrible ... Daddy is babysitting in the arms of the kids, or Mommy with a flower in her hands and a lyalka by her side ... why are you so happy to us "flawed" in your words? The world is going crazy. The concepts of honor and dignity have practically disappeared from the face of the earth and are incomprehensible to people, "Rudova complained in her microblog on Instagram (the author's spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given without changes - Prim. row.).

The actress complained about unpleasant comments from haters

The actress noted that it would be better if the ill-wishers could be dealt with personally. “My page is like yours ONLY MY. I decide what to do and how to live. Look into your panties and watch your lives. And believe me, if you knew what you would get (further obscene - for each insult, as it was before, when people did not throw insults, but in a kid-like way they solved issues on the street, would sit at home and keep quiet, choking on their bile. Have a great weekend, GOOD PEOPLE! " - summed up Natalia.

Natalia Rudova

We add that the artist, despite the publicly dismantled forms, prefers not to advertise her personal life. The star said that she takes such an invasion very hard. Natalia is unpleasant even when strangers touch her. Due to this position, it is not reliably known about who Natalia is in a relationship with. There were rumors about her affair with the lead singer MBAND Artem Pindyura, as well as the 19-year-old son of the owner of the RESO-Garantia company Sergei Sarkisov... But Rudova did not confirm these rumors. According to her, they are not at all worried that they are childless and have never been married. The actress emphasized that she would not give up her career for the sake of a man. However, Rudova can provide for herself: the actress earns a lot on social networks, taking 15th place on the Forbes list among Russian celebrities with the highest income in this area.

Natalia Rudova denied rumors about an affair with Alexander Orlov

After such statements by Rudova about her personal life, Natalya's video, where she showed a rounded belly, caused a big stir. The video provoked rumors about the first pregnancy of the actress. Rumors spread that restaurateur Alexander Orlov, with whom Rudova was seen, could become the father of the baby. After a short time, the artist admitted that the video with her belly was just a joke after a hearty dinner - so she ridiculed the constantly appearing and untrue speculations about her interesting situation. Rudova also denied the romance with Orlov.

Natalia Rudova at the Moscow International Film Festival in 2018

Recall that Natalia Rudova graduated from the theater school in Ivanovo, after which she came to conquer the capital. She did not succeed immediately. The girl first worked as a waitress, dishwasher, salesman in a sports store, then as a model. In her free time, the young actress went to auditions. Rudova received cameo roles in the series "Prima Donna", "Who is the Boss in the House?" The actress's finest hour was the role of Tatiana Barinova in the film "Tatiana's Day" in 2007. Now the number of roles in the filmography of Natalia Rudova is already approaching fifty.

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