Jan 31, 2021
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Natalya Fateeva, moving with difficulty, hired a housekeeper

12:00, 01/31/2021

The 86-year-old artist’s assistant spoke about her condition.

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86-year-old Natalia Fateeva has long been living alone. Having completely stopped communicating with relatives, she lives as a recluse in her metropolitan apartments. And yet, due to health problems, Natalya Nikolaevna was forced to hire an assistant. Although before that, Fateeva spent a whole year without anyone’s support.

It is worth noting that Natalya Fateeva does not really like to communicate with journalists, but she loves attention. Correspondents of the program “You Won’t Believe!” managed to see the actress, give her flowers and even chat with her new assistant Anna… According to the latter, she has been living with Natalya Nikolaevna for a month.

With difficulty walking Natalya Fateeva was forced to hire an assistant

The artist’s housekeeper said that, despite the problems with her legs, Fateeva still goes for walks to the store from time to time. And yet, most of the housework fell on the assistant to the actress. It is interesting that, according to Anna, Natalya Nikolaevna is often visited by Bari Alibasov’s assistant Sergey Motsar… “The ear ring always helps,” said Fateeva’s assistant.

But Natalya Fateeva still does not communicate with her own children. Earlier in the show “The Stars Came Together” the son of the actress Vladimir Basov spoke about the relationship that reigns in their family. So, Natalya Nikolaevna does not want to see or communicate with her son and daughter. It is noteworthy that Vladimir himself, who calls the parent exclusively by name and patronymic, is still ready to come to her aid at any time. Only she stubbornly refuses to accept it.

Vladimir Basov

“My sister and I didn’t move away from Natalya Nikolaevna, she herself moved away from us. She’s the kind of person she is. She has no girlfriends, comrades. It is convenient for her when there is no one around, ”Basov said. He also remembered how he and his sister helped the star mother when she was in the hospital due to leg problems. However, as soon as the actress returned home, she again alienated the children from herself.

It is noteworthy that Natalya Fateeva herself, after a frank interview with her son, hastened to refute his words. Making exceptions, the actress got in touch with journalists. In a conversation with representatives of the media, Natalya Nikolaevna called Vladimir Basov’s statements fantasy and stupidity. The artist also stressed that she simply does not want to tell anyone about herself. And the behavior of her son Fateev called a shame.

In her youth, Natalia Fateeva was compared to Sophie LoreP

Recall that Natalia Fateeva is known for the films “Gentlemen of Fortune”, “Three Plus Two” and “The Man from Boulevard des Capuchins” and others. For her acting talent and beauty, Natalya Nikolaevna’s fans called her the Soviet Sophia Loren. Now 86-year-old People’s Artist of the RSFSR lives in a five-room apartment in the center of Moscow. Due to problems with her legs, the actress is forced to walk with crutches. From time to time, Natalya Nikolaevna finds herself in the center of attention of the secular chronicle. So, in April last year there were rumors that Bari Alibasov, together with his assistant, was trying to take away Fateeva’s elite apartment.

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