Aug 26, 2022
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Natalya Bochkareva about the difficulties of filming the series “Happy Together”


Actress Natalya Bochkareva about the difficulties of filming.

In the noughties, a stream of sitcoms flooded the Russian viewer. “Daddy’s Daughters”, “Happy Together” and many other series are still loved by the public. Among the pioneers is the My Fair Nanny project.

The main role in the comedy series was played by Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. The project turned the actress into the darling of the whole country, but it was not easy for her to master a new genre.

I understood how difficult it was, looking at her. And at first I didn’t even understand the humor of this sitcom,” Bochkareva shared. We Russians are not used to this. We had Gaidai, great comedy stories in movies, but not sitcoms“.

Natalia Bochkareva - photo from the archive - “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”
Natalia Bochkareva – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Soon Natalya Bochkareva also had to master the genre of situational comedy. The actress admits: it was unusual for her to see simple observers on the site.

I must say that when I started filming, I shuddered from the fact that the audience was sitting with us and laughing at every joke with artificial deliberate laughter. I said a reprise, heard laughter and just jumped. What are these people doing here? Why are they also laughing unnaturally like that?“- shared the 42-year-old star.

The series “Happy Together” has gained incredible popularity among the public. The performer of the role of Dasha Bukina recalls the period of filming with warmth.

There were skirmishes and emotional outbursts. But! What’s great and cool, we treated it like work moments. It never resulted in any serious quarrels. For example, Dasha Sagalova overslept and was late. I say: “Dash, well, we are waiting for you for half a day.” But this did not interfere with our communication. We communicate very well. There were times when I fell asleep. And Dasha: “So you told me! Now here’s your case.” We were easy on everything. Because we had to see all the changes in each other. If someone got divorced and he is in the seams of the mood, we cheered, supported each other“, – she said in the show “The Main Question”.

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