Jan 14, 2022
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Natalya Andreichenko spoke about her novels


Actress Natalya Andreichenko admitted who she fell in love with.

The four-episode drama brought the artist her first popularity and introduced her to the man who became her great love. The future star started an office romance on the set. Her chosen one was the producer of “Sibiriada” Eric Weisberg. According to Natalia, her lover was married and was not going to leave the family.

Once I was in love with a man. He was much older than me, a man of insane beauty. I remember I flew very, very far. It was on the set of “Siberiada”. Then I drove for 12 hours on a scary bulldozer on a black road. I could have been killed, raped. That’s how much I loved the man. I went up to him, kissed his hand and said: “I flew here to say that I love you.” Konchalovsky was insanely jealous. I turned around and left. It was the producer of the film Weisberg Eric Markovich. He is no more. He was married. A very good person. He loved his little son very much and would never leave his family. He was open about it. I respected it so much.”, Andreychenko assured.

On the set of the film “Stepanov’s Memo” Natalia met Igor Kostolevsky. The actors played a couple in love. On-screen feelings turned into real ones.

Kostolevsky at that time was the dream of all women. Then the Star of Captivating Happiness came out. He was from a very good family, I loved his mother Vitta Semyonovna and father Matvey Matveyevich. He was a very worthy man and, of course, very handsome. I was very amorous and, yes, I fell in love with him, probably less than he fell in love with me. I think he was crazy about me, I was 18 then and he was 27”, — said the 65-year-old artist.

Natalya Andreichenko
Natalia Andreichenko

The leading lady in the film “Mary Poppins, Goodbye” got married twice. Natalia managed to maintain friendly relations with both husbands. The star admitted that at some point in her life she practically lived with Maxim Dunaevsky and Maximilian Schell, so as not to interfere with her son’s communication with his father.

I will never forget when Max asked Mitya for his birthday what he would like most of all. “I want to talk to dad,” he replied. Max told me: “So, bring the phone here!”. I answered him: “Are you crazy? We will now call Maxim at 1:30 am! What will he think of me? He will tell the police that I am not a mother, but no one knows who. To which he said: “I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks. The police will come, I’ll deal with it. The child wants to talk to his father – and this is sacred! It will always be.” Mitya called Maxim, and they talked for a very long time. And then Maxim moved to Los Angeles, and we were together all the time. So she lived in the circle of two husbands”, Andreychenko admitted.

The actress shared the details of her second marriage. Natalya remembered that for the sake of her husband she left her career for a while.

Max wanted a family and was absolutely right. One of the parents must be next to the children while one is removed. It was the law. I respected him very much. Of course, he filmed more. I spent a lot of time with Nastya“, – said the movie star.

The star took the death of her mother hard. Lidia Vasilievna died from complications of bilateral pneumonia. On the eve of the tragedy, Andreichenko spoke with her on the phone. According to the artist, the parent foresaw her death and gave her instructions on how to hold a funeral. Natalia shared footage of the last footage of Lidia Vasilievna’s life.

“Eit’s not mom’s last days. This video was filmed at 12:15 pm. Somewhere five hours before death. Sorry, this does not look very nice, but it’s just clear how calm a person is and wants this. That’s how I would define it. I’m afraid to watch this video. She deserved this exit from the body”, – Andreichenko admitted on the air of the program “The Fate of a Man”.

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