Jan 13, 2022
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Natalya Andreichenko is offended by Pankratov-Cherny


Actress Natalya Andreichenko is outraged that a lot of things have been lied about about her.

The role in the four-episode drama by Andrei Konchalovsky was the second for the artist and brought her great success. Natalia got into the picture thanks to the 72-year-old Alexander Pankratov-Cherny. He brought Andreichenko to the place of Natalia Gundareva, who could not act due to an injury.

Recently, the actor of the series “According to the Laws of War” revealed the juicy details of cooperation with Andreichenko. Pankratov-Cherny complained that she often disrupted filming. According to the People’s Artist of Russia, he had to look for her all over Moscow and return her to the set after the spree.

Natalya was unpleasantly struck by the revelations of Alexander Vasilyevich. The star of the film “Military Field Romance” assured that the partner inflated the problem out of thin air. Andreichenko assured that she left without warning for three days only once and for a good reason.

Here is the talker! It is not true. Likes to just chat. It was, of course, the case, but only once. After the graduation performance at VGIK, we all went on a spree on the Arbat. This is what it was. They couldn’t find me then, but when they found me, I was already fine. She immediately stepped into the frame and began to play. I was so shy in front of Andron, it was extremely uncomfortable“, – said Natalia.

Natalia Andreichenko
Natalia Andreichenko

The ex-lover of Maxim Dunayevsky admitted that after that she stopped working with the Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky clan. Nevertheless, the actress does not regret what happened.

Well, I’ve always been a bully. Nikita immediately said: “I will never shoot you again!” And he doesn’t take it off. Konchalovsky too. But I didn’t regret it. Youth was beautiful, and if someone can’t forgive, it’s their problem“, – said the artist.

Andreichenko’s debut took place in 1976 in the film Stepan’s Memo. Natalia spoke about a funny incident that happened on the set. According to the star, she had a difficult scene, during which she had to dive several times into a cold pool in the Mosfilm pavilion. The film star froze, but immediately after that she had to go to Vyborg to continue working on the film. And then partner Igor Kostolevsky offered the actress to warm up.

We got into the Arrow, went to a restaurant, and I’m shaking. He says, “Nothing will save you. I need to drink vodka.” And we are serious, one by one. Igor was never a drunkard, he was a serious person. I then drank 200 grams and definitely warmed up, and went so cheerful”, – Andreychenko said in the program “The Fate of a Man”.

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