Jun 17, 2022
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Natalia Shturm laughed at the sexual confessions of Anna Sedokova


55-year-old singer Natalya Shturm spoke about Sedokova’s sexual problems.

The actress, famous for her love affairs, ridiculed the intimate confessions of Anna Sedokova. The other day, the singer said that she and her husband, 29-year-old Latvian basketball player Janis Timma, have such a hectic sex life after two years of marriage that she sometimes even gets tired. The actress called the athlete “insatiable” and admitted that their lovemaking lasts for two hours.

However, Sturm hastened to expose her husband Sedokova, based on her own rich experience. The chanson star said that Timma did not have a passionate temperament at all, but some physiological problems that had absolutely nothing to do with his passionate feelings for Anna.

Anna Sedokova with her husband - photo from the archive -
Anna Sedokova with her husband – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

A fresh interview with singer Anya Sedakova caught my eye. Praises sex giant husband. But I love the truth! Anechka, your sex lasts for two hours, so he can’t finish. Tall? About two meters? Stopudovo in this matter. And not in his “insatiability”. Everyone is tall, Anya, don’t you know. Endurance is in your hands!”, – the performer of the hit “School Romance” counterfeited the artist.

By the way, at the Sturm itself, gentlemen change literally every month. At first she had a certain musician Derek, then she went to rest in Sochi with 30-year-old Georgy, whom, by the way, also spoke of as a tireless lover. And the other day, the artist introduced the public to a new companion named Albert, saying that she could even marry him, because he is intelligent, courteous, alien to aggression and rich.

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