Jan 10, 2021
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Natalia Shturm congratulated her son on her 17th birthday, with whom she has not spoken for several years

12:36, 10.01.2021

The 54-year-old singer has published archive photos with Arseny.

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Natalya Shturm, who gained fame back in the 90s by performing the hit “School Romance”, has two children. Married to Sergey Deev the singer had her daughter Elena 31 years ago. Two years ago Helen made Natalia a grandmother, giving her a grandson Daniel, with whom the artist took great pleasure. She often shared photos and videos with her grandson on her microblog on Instagram. But communication with the youngest son Arseny did not work out. He lives with his father, second husband Sturm, Igor Pavlov, and does not get in touch with the mother.

On January 10, Arseny Pavlov turns 17 years old. On her son’s birthday, Natalya Shturm published a series of archive photos with him and expressed regret that she could not undress the joy of the holiday that day. “Happy birthday, Arsyusha! Tomorrow, January 10, you will be 17 years old. There are a lot of photos over the years, so I began to expose in advance). Congratulations on the coming NG and Christmas in advance. So I could not resist). Although you will not read it, they will definitely tell you. And this is for me happiness. Love you. #my soul “, – Arseny’s mother signed the publication (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes – Noteed.).

Natalya Shturm congratulated her son on his birthday

A year ago, Shturm tried to explain why she did not see and call her youngest son. In the show “Secret to a Million” Natalia blamed the teenager’s father for everything. The singer is sure that he turned the young man against her. She said that the ex-husband kept telling the boy nasty things about his mother, and even twice filed a lawsuit to take his son. In the last couple of years, the opportunity to talk to Arseny, even on the phone, was lost, not to mention the opportunity to see each other – his dad changed the boy’s school and phone number. The artist noted that the teenager himself was in no hurry to get in touch with his mother. According to the star, Pavlov the Younger has her number, but for some reason he does not call. “I don’t understand how you can raise your son all your life, and then he doesn’t call, as if I’m not in the world at all,” the singer noted.

Recall that Natalya Sturm and Igor Pavlov divorced 15 years ago. Their separation was accompanied by a scandal. According to the star, her husband often raised his hand to her and exerted psychological pressure. For the sake of a common son, Natalya tried to maintain good relations with the ex-spouse, but recently Pavlov flatly refuses to make contact.

Natalya Sturm in the show “Secret for a Million”

Note that Natalya Shturm always reacts sharply to injustice and has been actively defending the honor of Valentina Legkostupova’s family over the past few months. Artist’s children, 30 years old Annette and 19 year old Matvey, lost their mother in mid-August 2020. The performer of the hit “Berry-Raspberry” died from a head injury. The star underwent surgery, but it was not possible to save her. The doctors did not immediately understand that the singer was injured, because she was taken to the hospital for another reason. A week before her death, the artist was found at home in a state of alcoholic intoxication. She was conscious and was taken to a clinic that helps patients with withdrawal symptoms. Her husband Yuri Firsov was in the apartment with Legkostupova, with whom Valentina entered into marriage in July last year. Sturm has repeatedly stated that Firsov is to blame for the death of Legkostupova. She published a video recorded during the regatta with Yuri, and noted that the yachtsman was too aggressive and could harm his wife in a fit of the same excitement. And at one of the talk shows, which was attended by the relatives of the deceased, including the widower, she awarded him with a slap in the face, adding that many would like to give the man a slap in the face.

Valentina Legkostupova with her daughter

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