Feb 23, 2021
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Natalia Selezneva said that the break with Andrei Mironov broke Ekaterina Gradova

06:16, 23.02.2021

The artist’s first wife died on February 22.

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Yesterday it became known about the death of the 74-year-old actress of the series “Seventeen Moments of Spring” Ekaterina Gradova… About the death of the artist reported her daughter Maria Mironov in his microblog on Instagram. Some representatives of show business have already managed to express condolences to the relatives of the star, as well as to honor the actresses. So, among those who are not indifferent to the death of Gradova, a colleague of Ekaterina Georgievna joined Natalia Selezneva

In a conversation with reporters, Natalia shared her experience of working with Gradova. The actress remembers the deceased as a gentle and tactful person. According to Selezneva, it was a pleasure to work with Ekaterina Georgievna because of her light character. “We went on tour, once lived in the same hotel room, and I remember her as a delicate and well-bred person. Katya never spoke loudly, she was sweet and pleasant, ”said Natalia. The artist also added that the divorce from Andrey Mironov greatly influenced her colleague.

Andrey Mironov and Ekaterina Gradova at their wedding

“I think that the break with Andrei Mironov, when he left her, broke her. I broke a twig, and immediately. Yes, love for him overpowered everything else, and, I’m sure, broke her life, “- said Selezneva. The actress recalled that on the wedding day with Mironov, Gradova was very happy, and after the couple decided to leave, on the contrary. Natalia said that at that time in the dressing room Ekaterina Georgievna could not talk about anything except her ex-spouse. “There was a kind of helplessness coming straight from her. She loved him so much, and it was love that incinerates “, – shared Selezneva with the correspondent of the publication “MK”

Recall that Ekaterina Gradova and Andrei Mironov formalized their relationship in 1971. Interestingly, Mironov made the offer just three weeks after meeting Gradova. The actors have been married for five years. During this time, the star couple managed to give birth to a common daughter, Maria, who later followed in the footsteps of her parents and became an actress. However, even the child could not save the relationship of the spouses. In 1976, Ekaterina Georgievna got tired of putting up with problems in the family and filed for divorce.

Ekaterina Gradova with her daughter Maria Mironova

According to Gradova, Mironov and even his parents tried to force her to change her mind and save the marriage. However, the reasons why Ekaterina Georgievna decided to divorce her husband were too serious. Even though at the time of the breakup, Gradova continued to love Andrei Alexandrovich, the actress could not forgive her husband. It is worth noting that despite the painful breakup, Ekaterina Georgievna continued to communicate with her former chosen one until Mironov’s death in 1987.

We add that Andrei Mironov died at the age of 47. The artist died while touring Riga. At one of the shows of the play “Crazy Day, or The Marriage of Figaro”, the star felt bad – Mironov could not finish playing in the production. The next two days, doctors fought for the life of Andrei Alexandrovich, but could not save him. The cause of death of the artist was an extensive cerebral hemorrhage.

Andrey Mironov with his daughter Maria

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