Nov 25, 2021
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Natalia Rudova told how she maintains a slim figure


38-year-old actress Natalya Rudova admitted how she is losing weight.

The star of the series “Univer. The new hostel “and” Tatiana’s Day “have grown noticeably lately. The artist does not hide that she was partly lucky with genetics, but she herself is working hard on her figure. Natalia regularly visits the gym and carefully monitors the diet.

Rudova loves bold photo shoots. She often shows off her toned body by trying on provocative outfits. Followers asked the actress how she managed to get in such perfect shape and not rush to her favorite food. Rudova gave the answer.

As Faina Ranevskaya said: “You should eat naked in front of the mirror! “” – Ararat Keshchyan’s on-screen beloved emphasized with humor.

Natalia Rudova
Natalia Rudova

The star is happy with her figure. Unlike other celebrities, she does not dream of correcting it with surgeons. Rudov is satisfied with his own forms. She stressed that she does not see anything wrong with mammoplasty, but she herself would not have dared to do it, since she does not like big breasts.

Natalia advised the fans to take a responsible approach to the choice of cosmetic procedures. Rudova criticized the thread lifting method. In her opinion, this method gives only a short-term effect, and as a result causes negative consequences for the oval of the face. Dmitry Nagiyev’s partner in the comedy “Swingers” also claims that the price of such a brace is too high.

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