Jan 7, 2022
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Natalia Rudova spoke about the tragedy in Kazakhstan


Actress Natalya Rudova could not ignore the nightmare in the country.

During these New Year holidays, without exaggeration, the whole world follows the events taking place in Kazakhstan. Rallies against rising prices have led to a social explosion, and this has already escalated into riots with looting and death of innocents.

Natalia Rudova
Natalia Rudova

Many Russian stars and figures of Kazakh origin have already spoken out about what is happening in their homeland. Actress Natalya Rudova is from Aktau, although she was born (by accident) in the Uzbek Pakhtakor. But her childhood until adolescence was spent in Kazakhstan. And she could not remain silent.

My beloved Kazakhstan, hold on! It’s just awful what’s going on there! Stay human – everyone! Hope this nightmare ends soon“, – the actress worries about the Motherland.

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