Apr 2, 2021
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Natalia Rudova said that she could take a child from an orphanage

11:34, 04/02/2021

The actress frankly answered questions on her microblog.

The star of the series “Univer. New hostel “Natalia Rudova was not yet married and has no children yet. The actress works a lot, travels and, as we can observe from her microblog, she devotes almost all her free time to filming. But fans of the star, apparently, really want to see the actress in the role of a mother, so they constantly bombard Natalia with questions about future children. It is worth noting that the star reacts negatively to this and always responds rather sharply to the offenders. Natalia says that she is a very sensitive and vulnerable person, and she prefers to suppress such tactlessness. As for her personal life, the actress prefers to hide it. Nothing is known about her novels; in her microblog, the star only shares joint travels with her close friend Anastasia Reshetova and her son Ratmir.

Natalia Rudova and Anastasia Reshetova

However, yesterday Natalya Rudova decided to answer one of these questions. One of the fans of the star asked: “Could you take a child from an orphanage?”, To which the actress replied: “A serious question. This is a great responsibility. I am as responsible as possible. I cannot answer unequivocally, because the question has not been raised yet. But I think I could, after 2 of my own. It’s wonderful when you can give love to someone who really needs it. ” (Hereinafter, the author’s spelling and punctuation are given unchanged. – Ed.)

Stories from Natalia Rudova’s microblog

It is worth noting that the star really has a big heart. Natalia is an ardent animal advocate, constantly helping animals and children. Every day in her microblog you can see reposts and requests for help from shelters and homeless dogs and cats.

Recall that in the summer of 2020, Natalya Rudova provoked rumors about her pregnancy by publishing a video with a rounded belly. In another publication of the same day, the owner of the Tanuki restaurant chain, Alexander Orlov, was identified, after which he was immediately recorded as the father of the unborn child. A little later, the actress denied information about an affair with a businessman and explained that her stomach was rounded because of a hearty lunch. Speaking about marriage, Natalya Rudova says that she is not going to become a housewife in the future. According to the star, she earns enough to pay staff and hopes that her chosen one can afford the same. According to the actress, the wife should be a partner, friend and companion in the first place, and not a housekeeper.

Natalia Rudova

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