Aug 23, 2022
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Natalia Podolskaya shared her problems in the family


Singer Natalya Podolskaya complained about her eldest son.

This fall, the eldest son of Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov, Arseny will go to school, to the first grade – in June he turned seven years old. The star couple gave the heir to an elite private school, which is located near their country house. A year of Arseny’s training will cost the spouses half a million rubles.

In this school, during an interview with students, their character traits are determined. And only after that they choose a teacher: someone will be stricter, and someone will be softer. In the meantime, school problems are still ahead, the parents complained that they were faced with problems of a different nature: Arseniy began to use foul language and be rude.

Natalia Podolskaya with her sons
Natalia Podolskaya with her sons

He brought the word “bitch” from the garden. In general, we have such a period of cereals, pussy, morons. What is his favorite word? “Well, I’m dumb,” is what he likes to say. I tell him: “Stop insulting my son.” And he told me: “Stupid, stupid, everyone is stupid and he is stupid”, Podolskaya complained in the program of the Fifth Channel “Gossip column”.

Natalia is raising two sons – seven-year-old Arseny and Ivan, who will turn two in October. Despite all the difficulties of motherhood, Podolskaya admitted that she was not at all against giving birth to a third child – and it doesn’t matter who it will be: a boy or a girl.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter who. I would just like another little one. It is such an extraordinary feeling when you carry life in you, and it grows, and then comes into the world.“, – said the artist.

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