Feb 20, 2021
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Natalia Podolskaya is afraid to leave her son for the sake of work


Singer Natalia Podolskaya admitted that she will start work in the near future.

Many stars who have become mothers do not stay long on maternity leave. And Natalia Podolskaya is no exception. The artist, who gave birth to her second son at the end of October, is going to work in the very near future. Parents and nannies will come to help the singer, she said.

Natalya admitted that she missed creativity, and intends to resume concert activities.

Natalia Podolskaya with her son
Natalia Podolskaya with her son

Now, of course, I spend a lot of time at home. The working schedule is planned for the end of February-beginning of March. And he, the schedule, is very desirable, because I have been working all my life and really love this business. But how to deal with the influx of panic, how to leave a newborn baby for the whole day? Vanya is already four months old in a few days! My son is growing up. My grandmother and nanny will cover me, and I understand that they will cope, because with Tema (the eldest son of the artist, – approx. “”) they coped. I just want to acquire Zen and enjoy all the processes: both work and mother“, – the 38-year-old singer shared her experiences.

Podolskaya believes that she will cope with all fears about children and will delight the audience with her performances.

I am sure that any person should be realized in all spheres of life! It gives harmony and happiness. But let’s dispense with the comments from the series “stay at home – raise a child”. People have to work to make money for their lives“, – emphasized Natalia.

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