Aug 7, 2022
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Natalia Medvedeva was horrified by her appearance in reality


Actress Natalia Medvedeva shared a photo before and after giving birth.

The actress is accustomed to soberly assess her appearance, despite the ability to correct any flaw in Photoshop. The day before, the former Comedy Woman star decided to hold a flash mob in support of young mothers.

Most recently, the actress gave birth to her third child. This event brought not only joy to Medvedeva’s life, but also sleepless nights associated with the first months of a newborn’s life. Experiences, violations of the daily routine, excess weight gained during pregnancy – all this is reflected in the appearance of most women who have given birth.

Natal Medvedeva before and after childbirth
Natalya Medvedeva before and after childbirth

Natalia urges other mothers not to believe the beautiful pictures that some celebrities publish on the Web immediately after giving birth.

Everyone who cries, rakes out, laughs, then hysteria, yells and is again happy to the point of madness, and then at the bottom without emotional strength … I’m with you!”- Medvedev described her condition.

To be honest, Natalia showed that her appearance is now far from ideal. According to Channel Five, shortly before the publication of the photo in its natural form, the artist also recorded a video without filters.

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