Apr 6, 2021
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Natalia Medvedeva told why she retired from Comedy Woman

The famous Russian actress Natalya Medvedeva, who performed in Comedy Woman in the guise of a city madman, told why she decided to retire from the show.

Natalia Medvedeva told why she retired from Comedy Woman

Natalya’s creative path arose with KVN, and she noted that she performed her character very well in the project, but nevertheless this image stands out greatly from the kind of people she portrays in reality.

After leaving Comedy Woman, they began to ask her fractionally what actually headed her when making such a decision. Medvedeva notes that she considers such inquiries to be incorrect. However, the comedian decided to answer this question in the final one, so that there would be no more demand.

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The artist said that she had not starred in the project for seven years and emphasized that at the right moment her work simply ended in this team. The fees she earned on the set of the show supported her to buy an apartment in the village of Romashkovo near Moscow.

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