Oct 12, 2021
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Natalia Medvedeva spoke about conflicts in Comedy Woman


Actress and presenter Natalia Medvedeva admitted that she would have fired herself.

The actress starred in a humorous show for about six years. The artist admitted that it was very difficult to maintain friendship in the team. The creator of the project, Natalya Andreevna, had a particular influence on the atmosphere.

Natalia Yeprikyan always had the image of a strict boss on stage. It turned out that behind the scenes, the founder of Comedy Woman caused awe in her colleagues. “There was such tension on Natasha … Not that they were outright afraid … But in any case, her disapproving look was evident. In general, there was an unhealthy condition“, – Medvedeva confessed.

Natalia herself left the project almost seven years ago. She admitted that the show’s management did not appreciate the creative ideas of the artists and belittled their talents. “I argued with everyone. She would have kicked herself out much earlier, – the star smiled. – I am such a person, if there is no justice, I start blathering. It doesn’t matter who is sitting – the head of the channel, the producer – I will definitely say the word. Now I can keep silent, but then my opinion was stuck outis an “.

Natalia Medvedeva
Natalia Medvedeva

36-year-old Medvedeva said that she experienced terrible stress while working at Comedy Woman. “I was crying. I was destroyed there, roughly speaking, the CEO on the carpet. In principle, she could then go to bed with a nervous breakdown. But I’m responsible, an excellent student. I gathered myself, once again proved to everyone that I am the coolest, and now I live with this injury“, – the artist shared.

Now Natalia feels very happy. She works on the Russia 1 TV channel and enjoys the shows she hosts. “I love to lead “Humorina”, and “Blue Light” is my love! Because there Jony tears up with his “Comet”, Klava Koka dances there, Yegor Creed anneals. Why not? Angelica Varum performs only there, you can watch her only in Ogonyok. Bilan, Lazarev, Gagarina – all perform there“, – said Medvedeva on the YouTube channel” Elena Hanga “.

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