Apr 7, 2021
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Natalia Bondarchuk said that Zavorotnyuk refused to leave

Actress Natalya Bondarchuk said that cancer patient Anastasia Zavorotnyuk refuses to leave.

Natalia Bondarchuk said that Zavorotnyuk refused to leave

For two years now, the star of the TV series “My Magnificent Nanny” has been battling cancer. Blood fame does not comment on her condition. However, it became famous that the actress is set for a speedy amendment and strives to overcome all difficulties on her own. The national artist of the RSFSR Natalya Bondarchuk reported to the journalists about this.

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According to her, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk demonstrates an abusive attitude and wants to overcome oncology as soon as possible. The artist forbids her family to take care of themselves, as if she prefers to serve herself on her own.

“She overcomes one thing after another – she has a similar attitude, which is supported by her house: the faithful Peter, the children, as well as doctors – which is very important,” Natalya Bondarchuk said in the program “Newly Russian Sensations” on NTV.

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