May 31, 2022
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Natalia Antonova became the most beautiful grandmother


48-year-old actress Natalia Antonova announced that she had a granddaughter.

The star of Russian TV series Natalia Antonova became a grandmother for the first time, and her son Artem became a father! She spoke about this on her social networks. On a wave of emotions, the actress shared: “Now we are grandfather and grandmother. What is it like to be a grandparent, I wonder?! The most touching moment – our son – dad! We have a granddaughter!»

Artem Vershinin with his wife, stepfather and newborn daughter
Artem Vershinin with his wife, stepfather and newborn daughter

The girl was born in one of the capital’s maternity hospitals. To be honest, looking at Natalia, the tongue does not turn to call her grandmother. Almost fifty, and looks like a girl.

Natalia herself has been married to obstetrician-gynecologist Nikolai Semenov since 2005 and has three sons with him. In 2018, a tragedy happened in this friendly and strong family – the couple lost a child who was born prematurely and very weak and lived only two months. Natalia never even took her son in her arms.

Natalia Antonova with her husband Nikolai Semenov
Natalia Antonova with her husband Nikolai Semenov

Only a few years later Antonova was able to tell about what happened: “Our Nikolai Nikolayevich was born prematurely on October 11th. After giving birth, he was transferred to the pediatric intensive care unit, where he spent two months. The doctors fought for Kolya’s life, but, unfortunately, they could not do anything.“.

He was two months old, we were preparing to move to pediatrics, but my son suddenly had a heart failure … Kolya died on December 14”, – Antonova said with tears in her eyes in the program “The Fate of a Man” with Boris Korchevnikov.

Perhaps it is precisely because Kolya was baptized that Natalia feels that he is near: “Kolya is alive for me“. But now great joy has come to the family – Antonov does not have a soul in a newborn granddaughter and will do everything so that she grows up the happiest.

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