Sep 16, 2022
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Nastya Kamensky’s husband spoke about her illnesses


The husband of the singer Nastya Kamensky, Potap frankly told what happened to him.

More recently, the rapper was criticized for sitting out abroad, leaving his native Ukraine at a difficult moment. And recently, the artist returned home, admitting that he was seriously ill.

First, Potap’s health problems were told by his wife Nastya Kamensky. The other day, the musician himself admitted that he had experienced a difficult treatment.

First, I had coronavirus, then otitis, and after it, Ramsey-Hunt syndrome, which provokes paralysis of the facial nerves. Justin Bieber had the same thing. It’s very hard. I returned to Ukraine a long time ago, exhaled – after all, we had a crazy schedule – and again began to work in a volunteer direction“, – the 41-year-old performer opened up in an interview.

Potap and Nastya - photo from the archive -
Potap and Nastya – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Recall that earlier Potap spoke extremely negatively about Russia, in which he was popular and received a lot of money. The rapper even managed to record a song with Olga Buzova, but the composition, it seems, will no longer be published.

By mistake, I even recorded a song with Olya Buzova. Thank God I didn’t release it and never will. We will never perform at your place and receive your awards. I refuse all awards, awards, songs“, he stated.

Olga did not pay attention to the words of the Ukrainian artist, but the Russians tried to moderate the ardor of the musician, who hurried to leave for Spain “Potap, how is the weather in Madrid? A patriot at a distance is zero without a wand”; “How tired you are with your verbal skirmishes! Help people, don’t tryndit from abroad!”; “Soon to apologize! Potap, look what people from Mariupol are saying! And think about whose side you are on, think well before it’s too late!– the audience was indignant.

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