Apr 5, 2021
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Nastya Kamensky in a bikini was criticized by fans


Singer Nastya Kamenskikh shared a photo in a bikini from a vacation in Mexico.

The artist has been resting for a week in Mexico, where she went on vacation with her husband. The singer brags on Instagram with pictures from a long-awaited trip. Today, the performer shared a photo in a swimsuit that she took before going to the beach. The frame was criticized by her fans to smithereens.

The singer shared a picture in which she poses in a tiny bikini, showing everyone her juicy forms. Kamenskikh, apparently, refused for the rest of the strict dietary restrictions and, as a result, recovered a little. In any case, the fans of the star decided so. They pointed out to Nastya that she needed to work on her figure.

Nastya Kaenskikh in bikini
Nastya Kamensky in bikini

There is no waist at all ”,“ Is that beautiful? ”,“ Nastya is very talented, but her figure has become not very good ”,“ We ​​are getting old and the priest is not like Kim“, – write Kamenskikh on the Web.

Nastya holds on firmly and does not respond to attacks or offensive comments. Kamensky’s husband, Potap, also does not descend to the level of critics. By the way, it is curious that the ex-wife of the rapper, Irina Gorovaya, with her son Andrey, is also resting in Mexico. The performer has time to have fun with his new wife and spend time with the heir.

Last month, we recall, Kamenskikh presented a new song. She released a video for the track “Girls rule”, which became another hit. Nastya began her career in a duet with Potap, but in 2017 their joint project was paused. The singer decided to develop as a solo artist and so far she’s doing it pretty well.

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