May 5, 2021
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Nastya Kamenskikh celebrated her own birthday in Mexican style

The famous Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskikh has been in love with Mexico for a long time. Actually, therefore, she decided to celebrate her 34th birthday in a Mexican manner, inspired by the art and developed values ​​of this country.

Nastya Kamenskikh celebrated her own birthday in Mexican style

On May 4, from the very morning, Nastya received congratulations from relatives and friends, and in social networks she formulated words of gratitude to everyone who wished her health and success in her career.

The party began more sincerely in the evening. For her celebration, the singer decided to create a unique image inspired by the manner of the artist Frida Kahlo. Before the invited friends, she appeared in a translucent black dress and with a wreath of artificial flowers on a bowler hat.

the party featured Mexican delicacies and the decor was also themed. The whole evening the performer danced to her songs and talked with the guests. In addition to her husband, rap artist Potap, Nastya’s mother was also at the birthday party, as well as the most important friends.

The final chord of the party was the taking out of the cake. The dessert also featured the image of Frida Kahlo. As a result, the holiday turned out to be exactly the same, as Nastya planned to make it.

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